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Lords of the Fallen All Boss Tactics and Secret Rewards

Lords of the Fallen All Boss Tactics and Secret Rewards

List of all bosses and ways to defeat them obtaining special rewards.

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First Warden

To aquire a special reward, you have to defeat the boss without receiving any damage from him. It require a bit practice, but is fairly simple. In reward you will receive a sword – Persistance. With heavy attack it sends a shockwave similar to the one that boss uses during the fight. It uses mana.

Defeating first boss is quite simple. Just roll out of his attacks (or block if you have 100% block shield) and attack by yourself.

Important thing is to avoid his vertical blow, which can end crucially for us (and is ranged).
Also remember, that after each bar of hp, boss drops a bit of his armor and you should stay back while he does this.

When he’s down to the last bar, he will start “dancing”. Stay away until he stops spinning and attack while he’s open.

Note that if you are using a hammer, you bash through his shield, so no need to flank him before attacking.


During whole fight don’t use block – neither against boss, nor his minions. As reward you will have a shield, which has special use (Q) a spell 3-shield shot forward. Uses a bit of mana.

In the beginning boss will have three attacks:

  • (if you’re far) two wide sword attacks which sends waves through air. You should avoid them. If you are fast enough, you can try to attack right after second slash.
  • when he raises his shield, you should fall back a bit, because shokvawe might hit you. It’s wise to attack him right after it.
  • when he kneels, starting his prayer, you can try to mash some hits on him. He will randomly spawn some falling stars that deal damage, but if you stay close to him hitting, you shouldn’t receive too much of a damage.

After beating one hp bar, he will start a prayer, but this time shields will surround him making him unvincible. Now he will summon a help – after first bar he summons Marauder, Rogue after second bar and both of them after third.

Also somewhere after second bar he might start shooting in us with star from his sword. It’s fairly easy to dodge and if you’re close enough, you can follow with one or two attacks.


For me worst of all – it took me 22 tries and an hour to defeat him for the first time.

Make him kill two of his summons. To be honest I wouldn’t imagine doing otherwise, as fighting three enemies at the same time is really hard in here.
To meet this requirement, simply start running close around him while dodging, so he will kill his minions with wide slashes. Eventually you can try to attack him until one bar goes down and then hide in the chapel holding block. Minions will die even if they are with you inside.

You will be rewarded with greataxe – Clawfinger scythe. Using 1hand heavy attack it will summon a spike in front of you. Uses a bit of mana. Also this weapon is great for 2hand heavy attacks, as you can spin like crazy until you are out of stamina (or knocked over). Works perfectly with rage spell.

So, to the tactic. Try to stay close. First of all, if you see him raise his scepter upright, you have to get away from him. Usually one roll might not be enough. If you get hit, he will follow with two wide hits, of which first one will ALWAYS hit you (you can dodge second slash if you’re fast enough).

Usually he will attack you with wide slash. Try to stay close (but far enough so you don’t have to roll out of attack range) to provoke him to second slash (you’ll see him making a full spin before it). After second attack you can follow up with your own.

Once in a while, he will take a long swing to thrust his scepter into ground. It will be followed by three spikes from ground, attacking your position, so keep rolling. Remember to stay close to boss, so right after third spike, you can attack.

When he drops each bar of hp, he will kneel to start praying and whole area will fill with blue gas. You have to run and hide in one of the chapels around map. Right after the flash you can run to him to use few attacks. But be aware, as he will now summon some help. It is quite difficult to fight the boss while avoiding his minions, so the best tactic here is just roll around boss and wait for him to kill minions with swings. Then you will have few seconds before he summons new ones.

And one important thing – you can lure Worshiper to destroy a chapel. Each time he do so, he will get stunned for a while, giving you great opportunity to deal some extra damage. However you will have less possibilities to escape from whole-map blue mist, which will instakill you if out of chapel.


Just defeat him fast (before all lanters at the top of the room lights up).
You will receive polesword – Uras. While heating 2hand heavy attack it creates ared mist in front of you. Stand still in it for healing. Quite useful between fights or far from checkpoint when you don’t want to waste potions. In fight itself this weapon is useless due to its low speed.

Important – forget about focusing enemy. You need to attack legs, while you can focus only on main body, which is better armored and receives less damage than legs (especially when they lose armor after few decent hits). If you have access to Thehk – it’s useful here.

Best tactic is to run directly in fron of boss, luring him to use his two wide attacks. If you are close enough after second slash, he will use third, vertical attack. Avoid it and attack one of the legs. But be aware – if you stay too long close to leg, it will attack you, even if you’re behind the boss.

You can also use prayer, as boss focuses on your clone, ignoring you completely. Just attack one leg, wait for boss to attack to your clone and follow up with 2xheavy + 2x normal attack. Thehk should gather enough mana to summon another clone as soon as the cooldown is off.

If you get enemy down past first hp bar, he will start to summon larvas. Destroying them is counterproductive as it does not do any damage to boss. So just remember to avoid them after they hatch, as they can hold you in place for monster to attack. After first bar boss will also start attacking with his back leg using it like a stinger, but it’s fairly easy to dodge, as he always raises a bit before.

Remember also that if you stay away for too long, Infiltrator will throw two daggers at you, whic you ahve to avoid by rolling, otherwise you will lose some hp and get stunned. Luckily stun doesn’t last long enough to receive any additional damage. After daggers boss will usually jump toward your location – try to roll out of it.

Once in a while boss will try to heal using larvas. Run toward him and attack bot legs and larvas for massive damage. Just don’t get close to main body, as you will receive damage from larvas.


Just avoid his attacks (don’t block them) so he won’t gain fury (excluding the moments when you destroy a bar of his hp). You will be rewarded with fists – Sting. It deals more damage when your hp drops low.

This boss is quite easy. Focus him at start. Now just roll out of his charging attack, which you can follow up with your own charge spell if you have one (Warrior). Eventually we can try sprint+heavy attack, but it’s risky to receive damage afterwards.

When he thrust his claws into ground, it will send two lined attack on grounds. Just run around, you can even roll over earth crack (especially the second one when you want to attack him afterwards).

After he drops first two hp bars, instead of earth cracks, he will send firing stings into you. They have to be avoided by rolling sideways and cannot be followed with attacks. Best is to attack directly after his charge or after his attack.


Just don’t get poisoned. Only one attack can poison you and it’s easy to avoid, you just need to remember not to step into poisoning cloud which stays there for a while. You will receive a hammer – Stain. After heavy hit it will leave a poisoning stain for few seconds damaging enemies which step on it.

Important – attacking boss will gain his fatigue. When the fatigue bar is full, he will drop on knees, exposing his head for attacks. In fight, when he drops to around 5% hp, hitting his head is the only way to kill him.

Beast uses two wide slashes (similar to infiltrator, but without third one) after which we can follow up with one or two hits to legs.

When you attack the enemy not-from-front he will begin to stamp, each stamp will call spikes from the ground to attack you. Just roll out of it’s range and wait for beast to jump – it will summon the biggest spikes after which you can attack.

The last and least common attack is vertical swipe, which will send long range wave, out of which you should roll out.


Around the area there are 5 goblets. Just don’t destroy any of them and you will be rewarded with Firewalker swords (it’s the same weapon boss was using).

Another not too hard boss fight. Try to avoid his attacks and keep hitting his back. Just remember, that he can turn during two basic swipes he’s using, so don’t get catched by it. Try to avoid using great axes, as their damage is not equivalent exchange for low speed.

When boss holds his swords in front of him and then raises them over head, it means, that goblets will start spitting firebolts at you any second. Just roll two or three times to avoid any damage. If you are fast enough, you can even hit him before he stands up, but be aware, that while standing, he will performe an area attack. When Guardian leans forward, he will perform a small rush toward you, so just roll over. If you stay too long in front of him, he will thrust his swords next to him and perform a kick. Be sure to roll away from this kick, as it will stun you and make you vurnelable for oncoming hits. He always performs a 4 combo after kick, so you can easily attack his back. Just remember, that his swings are quite wide and will hit you if you’re too close to his side.


You have to kill him with weapon having electric damage. For this use upgraded Heilroom (there is separate guide for how to claim it) or Yetka’s daggers.

You will receive a hammer – Lighting. It deals additional damage when used with sprint+heavy attack.

Just try to stay far from him. He will shoot (throw?) his weapon at you. You have just to roll away from it and you have boss open for few attacks. Sometimes he will jump toward you, so also roll away and follow up with attack or two.

It’s important to avoid strong charged attack, as it’s extremely strong and can even throw you up in the air. When boss has less than half hp, he will start to summon a flash followed by a lighting. There is no way to avoid it, so just roll as far back/sideways as possible. Thanks to that, after flash while you are stunned, it will take boss a while to aim lightings at you and you will recover faster to roll away before his attacks stops. Luckily this doesn’t deal tons of damage.

Lost Brothers

Depending on which brother dies last, you will receive another version of shield – Defender.
If lighting brother dies last, the shield will have 100% electricity protection and will answer with a lighting for every successful defense.

If fire brother dies last, the shield will have 100% fire damage protection.

Every once a while both brothers will jump off the ceiling. Try to stay away from both of them, as when falling they will deal damage on huge area. Also avoid fight as long as both brothers are on the ground.

Both brothers use same 2hit wide attack. Just try to avoid it and if you are fast enough, follow up with one or two hits.

When we get too far away from fire brother, he will perform few jumps and land as close to us as possible exploding. Lighting brother will use only one jump dealing area electrical damage. Eventually he will shoot an electricity bolt into you – just roll away.

When close, fire brother will try to throw fire around him or set ground on fire. As it doesn’t deal any big damage (only burning damage) it is a perfect moment to smash his face with hits.

Lighting brother will start jumping causing electric explosions, which will knockback you.

Best way (for me) was to kill fire brother first, and then, when lighting brother started to use fire attacks too, just wait for him to use flamethrower/burning ground to smash his face with hits.


So far I’ve met three teories, none of them confirmed:

Theoretically you can’t allow the boss to ignite/burn any of the infected. So far some people claim to succeed doing this, but none reward was received.

Second teory is to not allow him to heal EVER. It means, that when he jumps up, you have to make sure all infected are killed before he jumps down again. Actually it shouldn’t be too hard if you are lightly equipped and can lure them to fire.

Last version sounds hardest. It says that whichever of both above you have to do, you need to do it while NG++ which gives you free roam after killing Judge.

Oh and someone also said that you have to meet ALL above requirements (don’t let him burn infected, kill all infected each time and do it all in NG++).

Written by ZygfrydQ

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