Lords Of The Fallen: How to get into secret rooms

The Demonic Rhogar army is re-emerging from its dark realm. Harkyn, a convicted criminal rejected by society is the world’s last hope for salvation. Plunge into a fast paced action RPG using powerful magic alongside a complex and satisfying melee combat system.

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How to get into secret rooms

Quick guide about how to get into secret rooms !

Ever wondered how to get trough those cracked walls without using the weapon switch bug? Here is the answer!

Just run and defend with your shield at the same time (shield-bash-run) and smash against the cracked wall and voila, its open!

Additionally, if you own the item “compass” and equip it you can hear some weird voices if you are near such a wall.

You just have to find all the 3 Antanas Signs and he gives you that valuable item (requires the Monk Decipher DLC in order to get it) You can also use magic to get in.

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