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Loria – Tips, Tricks and Game Mechanics

As the title suggests: tips, tricks & game mechanics for Loria! I won’t go too much into detail as most of you are probably familiar with basic RTS mechanics such as chain commands & build orders, but I will still cover a few basics.


I saw some people asking what the stats are for, so here is what I know:

Constitution ~ +HP
Dexterity ~ +Attack Speed (dps)
Stamina ~ +Armor

Intelligence ~ +Damage, +Mana

Rage ~ +Damage, I don’t know about other effects but just like with intelligence, it probably increases the amount of rage gained in combat and/or decreases the rage lost when out of combat

Cunning ~ +Damage, same as with rage. No noticeable effects but most likely something to sustain the hero.

You cannot increase movement speed, there are however “Boots of Speed” in this game that will increase the hero’s movement speed by 10%.

Unit Diversity

If you’ve played Warcraft 2 you already know this, but massing on soldiers or archers won’t do you any good. Ranged units are incredibly fragile without protection so you should always bring some melee units to tank the front lines. Casters are even weaker than normal ranged units, which is why they excell in support roles. Baiscally, this game encourages you to create a diverse army with all sorts of units to support each other.


Your hero is a valuable asset. Their abilities are decent, they can sustain their ressources and it is not that expensive to revive fallen heroes. One minute and the basic resousses is all you need. Don’t be afraid of losing them in a dire situation, but don’t waste them either. Not only heroes can level up, units do aswell! Killing your hero will most likely level up an enemy unit, restoring it’s health to 100% in the process.

And don’t forget to check your hero every now and then as leveling him up will not just give you a skill point to spend, but also 5 points for stats that you are free to spend however you want.

Like I said… they can sustain their ressources with abilities so investing into constitution to make them tanky is a great option. Increasing their damage or dps won’t turn them into Blademaster 2.0 where they can solo everything anyway. So investing into survivability is overall the best way to go.

Leveling up may take a while and you can get some really valuable items from creep camps such as auras and potions. Creep as much as you can, don’t let your enemy take all the good stuff!


It is possible to kite creep camps to the point where only one or two creeps will chase after you, they won’t trigger the entire camp. Use that to get some early XP and items with a hand full of units!

Unit Behaviour & Micro Management

Since this is a 2D game, positioning is very important. Fighting inside a base is not favorable since buildings will easily block most of the units and with the typical pathfinding, they will take forever to get around it. Of course, fighting inside a base is never favorable but in a 2D environment it can mess you up even more.

Micro management helps but isn’t as impactfull as you might think! The AI loooves to chase down units and heroes so you either have to order your units back very early or take the hits and tank through, the latter of which I recommend. Aside from big, expensive units such as Gunships and Manticores… everything is replaceable and trying to save some of your units won’t work very well most of the time.

Tier 1 towers are weak and contribute almost nothing to your defense except for buying a little bit of time. Magic towers however are incredibly deadly for both units and heroes. So are siege towers, but if your enemy is scattering their units or doesn’t have many to begin with… magic towers are definetly the way to go. Bottom line: don’t invest into early tier 1 towers. Use your gold for units instead.

Gathering Ressources

Four workers per goldmine works very well. The time a 5th worker is spending outside of the goldmine is much bigger as it is in Warcraft 3 which means that a 5th worker will only make a big difference if the distance to the goldmine isn’t perfect.

With four workers on wood you’re also good to go. It’s a secondary ressource anyway and you won’t run into issues like everyone does in Warcraft 3 if they don’t put 20 workers on it.

With 4/4 I never really have any issues, especially not with wood. If you really wanna pump out units and upgrades then you’ll have to go for an expansion. Unlike in Warcraft 3 where a second or even third expansion WILL make a difference, it doesn’t really make a big difference in Loria.

Written by Katzenhaft

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