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Love Esquire Combat Guide

You usually play as the hero… but not this time! You’re a lowly squire who’s on an epic quest to get laid. Here’s the catch: you’ve only got a few months left to find the girl of your dreams before you’re shipped off to war. So git gud, get laid, and find man’s greatest pleasure in Love Esquire!

Combat Guide

  • Taunt early. Only discovered this recently, but if you were to taunt the opponent and take damage, it will increase the amount of loot you can get from 1 to 2. Whether or not that will increase I have not yet found out. Just keep an eye on your HP, as you are much squishier than Hugh.
  • After combat, your total gold is based on the gold that you looted along with any mission clear rewards, and then you will unceremoniously be given 1% of all of that. Enjoy~
  • Taunt, Loot and Heal will always occur before anyone attacks, while Cheer will occur after enemies attack.
  • Listen to what the MC and Hugh talk about, as it can hint to what you may need to do next in order to survive.
  • Certain creatures gain a sword icon buff after attacking, which displays how many times they have attacked the same target. The higher the number, the more damage they can do to that target. Avoid this by taunting every other turn, so that the enemy does not end up attacking the same person a second time in a row.
  • STR increases Max HP of both yourself and Hugh
  • CHA increases Hugh’s ATK
  • INT increases the healing applied to both yourself and Hugh when using Heal
  • Levelling up stats high enough will unlock a limit break version of the move.
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  1. One tip to add. Unlike regular battle turns where both the enemy and the squire & Hugh get to act, if you perform the loot action when one of the enemies has activated their damage reducing shield power, the enemy will not get to act during that turn.


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