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Love Thyself A Horatio Story: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Plunge forehead-first into the exhilarating world of Horatio, the Endless galaxy’s most perfect being. Experience life as a freshly-decanted Horatio clone on his first day of cadet school.

Will you be the obedient servant of the great forehead in the sky? Will you manage to woo one four uniquely identical Horatio clones? Or will you skirt the line of disobedience and risk the wrath of the gene-splicer-in-chief?

Be aware that only 7/8 achievements are doable in the current version of the game, last one requires content that hasn’t been released yet.

The Chamber Of Secrets
Reach “Secret Good Ending”.


✧ Go towards the light.
✧ You’re ugly.
✧ Provoke a fight as distraction.
✧ I’m sure I can find something better.
✧ Type “horatio” twice.

One And Only
Try to set your name as Horatio.

✧ What a jackass.
✧ Sir.
✧ I did not have fun.
✧ I sit on my own.
✧ I give him a mean look.
✧ I shake his hand.
✧ Yes, we’re done here.

Rebel Without A Cause
Shirk “Imperial Maintenance”

✧ I try to follow.
✦ Save 1
✧ Let’s blow things up and have some fun!
✧ Not at all.
✧ I follow suit and duck through the door.
✧ I’m good.
✧ An idea so crazy it just might work!
✧ I know. Do as you’re told.
✧ Anything to serve His Empire, Sir.

Kobayashi Sophon
Accomplish your mission against all odds.

✧ I do my own thing.
✧ It’s not an uncomfortable life.
✧ I am thrilled!
✧ A step forward, and a deep bow.
✧ A step to my left, come back, and a step back, and back to square one.
✧ Five small steps forward, a step to the right, a step back, and a bow.

Through No Fault Of My Own
Make no mistakes during the rehearsal.

✧ Yes, Sir.
✧ No, Sir.
✦ Save 2
✧ I will do my best to be worthy, Sir. I’ll train even harder.

Beauty Is Truth
Join the loyalists.

✦ Load Save 2
✧ Special mission it is, then. I’m tired of the song and dance.

In Order To Exist
Join the dissidents.

✦ Load Save 1
✧ A picnic sounds fun…
✧ Do you have any predators in here?
✧ I take a tentative bite.
✧ Sure, let’s play! I’ll need a rules refresher though…

A Pleasant Picnic
Meet some interesting folks.

✦ Can quit this playthrough here.

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