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Lucius III – Walkthrough and 100% Achievements Guide

A simple guide on how to get all the achievements.

Tutorial & Introduction

What! These things again?
Find a Bobblehead.
First Booblehead is located behind the bus in the very beginning of the game:

Hang from a ledge 5 times
You have to just hanging (jump) onto 5 cliffs like on below picture:

Mile long club
Just take a thousand steps. You shoul get this achievements quite early, no later than after introducation.

Student of the game
Just complete tutorial. Tutorial is finished when you done some tasks: learning to jump, learning to concentrate (e.g. overturned trees). Go ahead until you’ll get this achievement.

Meet & Greet
Just complete the introduction.You have to come to Dr Green’s backyard. Along the way you will have to topple the bridge (concentrate on the ropes by hold LMB). When you came to Dr Green’s backyard, you have to take 4 photos (4 people). As well, you can concentrate on the bird at which children are standing. You will get 1 heart.

Chapter 1

Master of disguises
Wear 5 sets of clothes. Wardrobe with clothes is located in Mr. Guffin’s house.

You’re my heart, you’re my soul
Eat five hearts. Firs of all – you have to kill (concentrate) at least one raven. Next, just click F. You will change on raven and you can fly over the city. Note: You can fly only outside buildings, as nobody can see. Repeat 5 times.

Crowned horseman
Chapter 01 Complete.

Chapter 2

Thy sword, thy preach
Chapter 02 Complete.

Chapter 3

The scale is even
Chapter 03 Complete.

Chapter 4

Death is a game we all play
Chapter 04 Complete.

Chapter 5

Punished by the devil
Chapter 05 Complete.


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