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Man of the House Veronica Date Walkthrough

Man of the House is an adult game, in which you play a young man living in a city full of beautiful women. Experience around 30-40 hours of content, in this sandbox VN, filled with steamy sex scenes, amusing dialogs and some very unexpected plot twists.

Veronica Date Guide

Here you can find a solution for the Date with Veronica. All possible Variations are included.


Before you can successfully complete a date, there are a few things to do.

  • 1. Make sure you have the Casino unlocked!

To unlock it use the public travel option.

  • 2. You need a Suit for the Date!

Start the Date for Veronica for the first Time and the option will be unlocked at the Mall.

Now you can buy the Suit at the Clothing Store ($650).

  • 3. You need Flowers in your backpack! (found at the Store)
  • 4. To start the Date you need $200 in your wallet!
  • 5. And you should be in the right mood.

The Date

You have to read exactly what Veronica wants from you!

Heart 1: Start the Date with the right Mood.

Heart 2:

  • If she blushes – tell her she looks beautiful.
  • If she looks at you seductively – tell her she look very sexy.
  • If she comes out smiling – tell her she looks amazing.
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Heart 3: the Gift – Flowers.

Side note: if you are at the table: look at Veronica instant not at Girl at the other table.

Heart 4:

  • If she says she knows what to Order – let her Order first.
  • If she says she’s not sure – Order first to give her time to decide.
  • If she doesn ́t know what to Order – Order for both.

Heart 5: Drop the fork – Look under the table

Heart 6: Pay the bill – It ́s my treat

Outside of the Restaurant choose The Night is still young to continue the Date.

Heart 7:

  • Creamy, not light – Mudslide
  • Creamy, not strong – Irish Coffee
  • Tropical, not strong – Pina Colada
  • Tropical, not light – Daiquiri

Heart 8 + 9:

  • Jacks – Split
  • 5 & 6 – Double down
  • 6 & 4 – Hit

Heart 10: Touch her leg at the Casino.

Congratulations you finished the Date, enjoy!

Written by Cybril

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