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MareQuest: An Interactive Tail How To Get All 3 Endings

In this guide, I tell you the conditions that need to be met to get one of the three endings of MareQuest: An Interactive Tale. I had lots of help from one of the testers of the game when I was streaming it on Steam to them.

MareQuest: An Interactive Tail How To Get All 3 Endings

List of Endings

There are three endings to the game.

The Good Ending

(Spoilers) How To Get All 3 Endings

The Neutral Ending

(Spoilers) How To Get All 3 Endings

The Bad Ending

(Spoilers) How To Get All 3 Endings

Ending Conditions

Good Ending

Beat the game with all two of your friends. This is easy as you have to choose the nice options of dialogue. Even if they lose certain points for certain choices that will make the other friend unhappy, this doesn’t affect anything much if you always choose the good options, they will still remain happy.

Neutral Ending

By far the hardest ending to get. You need to lose one friend and somehow manage to keep the last friend to the end of the game. This is very hard. Once your first friend leaves you, your other friend will start losing happiness very quickly. I am still working to get this one, but it’s always so hard because I always cry when losing a friend in the game… Because of… Past memories irl…

Bad Ending

The worst ending to the game that still makes me cry whenever one of your friends leave you in the game… You need to be mean to your friends and make sure that you have no friends before the end of the game.

(For Neutral Ending) Ways to Prolong Your Last Friend

  1. Buy the Mind Control perk which will save you for a bit of time.
  2. Buy some relationship for the friend to increase their happiness a bit more.

Even with these, you would need to probably get the first friend to leave you a bit before the end of the game so you would have less areas to go to before the end. You would also need to prepare in advance with friendship points/EXP and buy LOTS of perks. It also depends on which friend leaves you.

If you’re stuck with a Earth Pony friend, scavenging will be better, but with no other routes to take then to advance forward, you wouldn’t be able to raise their happiness except for when you level up in friendship points to buy another Mind Control spell or more relationship.

On the other hand, if you’re stuck with a Pegasus friend, you’ll be able to take other routes still, but you’ll be screwed for scavenging, only pulling about 2-3 items per scavenge which will cripple your time limit of your last friend’s happiness even more.

Written by Tetrahedron Dash

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