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Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Controls

Marvel’s Spider-Man controls for PS4.

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Controls

  • Left Stick – Movement
  • L3 – Crouch / Dive
  • Right Stick – Camera Movement
  • R3 – Show Target (Hold)
  • Touchpad – Map
  • L1 – Select Gadget
  • L2 – Aim
  • R1 – Shoot (gadget)
  • R2 – Swing / Run / Parkour
  • Triangle – Shoot web
  • Square – Attack
  • X – Jump
  • Circle – Dodge
  • D-Pad Up – Camera
  • D-Pad Down – Healing


  • R2 – The button is contextual. It shoots out webs for swinging when you’re in mid-air, or you can hold down the button to run along walls or perform parkour while on the ground.
  • X – Jump. You can also use it to exit a swing or press it at the top of a wall-run to leap over a building. Additionally, in mid-air, you can use it to web-zip to gain speed by shooting out a web in front of you. You can also hold the control stick in your desired direction, tap X to web-zip so Spider-Man can make sharp, or even U-turns.
  • L2 and R2 – Pressing L2 and R2 at the same time will make Spider-Man zip to a perch point, which are represented as white circles on the U.I. while you’re swinging. You can leap from a perched position by hitting X, and if you do it quickly it does not interrupt your flow.
  • L2 – Holding down L2 makes everything go into slow motion so Spider-Man can aim for specific perches. This ability will likely lead to other maneuvers, but this was what we mainly used it for.
  • L3 – Holding down L3 makes Spider-Man go into a dive, which is perfect for gaining speed to enter a swing.
  • – Holding down O while running to the corner of a building will make Spider-Man grab onto the side of the building with a web and make a sharp turn.
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