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Medieval Dynasty Crafting Guide: Buildings, Traps, Tools

Medieval Dynasty Crafting

Quick-start and on-the-go crafting can be accessed anywhere by pressing ‘Q’ to bring up your crafting radial menu.

Within this menu you can craft basic tools, any buildings you’ve unlocked, traps, etc. When you hover over a selection it will tell you in the center what materials you must have in your inventory to complete the crafting.

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Better Tools

Beyond the basic tools available in the ‘Q’ menu, more advanced ones are only available through their respective buildings, merchants, or by stealing them. A pickaxe, for example, is crafted via a Blacksmith. Waterskins at the Sewer. Arrows can be made in the first crafting hut you build.


When you place your first house, you’re establishing the location of your future village. Villagers need easy access to water. You will absolutely want to be close to a densely populated forest as well, as the buildings require a lot of wood. If you want to get into mining/excavation you’ll want to also be near rock formations/mountains/mines/clay.

I personally went to the fork in the road just West of Gostovia, where the bridge leads across the water, and built there. River, woods, rock formations, clay, close to the town where the Main Questline is, and relatively central to the whole map. I have to hike a bit to hunt, but frankly that’s always going to be the case in some way.

Once you place your first and all future buildings, you’ll only have the basic framework present. You’ll need to have crafted a Hammer to see the various parts, their requirements, and to construct them once you’ve got the inventory required.

Before completing a wall/roof, you can use the Hammer and click ‘E’ to change the type of wall it is – Wattle, Wood, or Stone (or for a Roof, Straw, Wood, or Wood-Tile). It may change the requirements some (for example a Wattle wall may require 1 log and 8 sticks, whereas a stone wall may require 2 logs and 12 stones)

Right-click with your Hammer up to change it’s mode between Build, Repair, Upgrade, and Destroy. You’ll use Build most often. Upgrade will only be used when you’ve advanced far enough in the Farming Tech tree to purchase the Daub schematic (it’s currently available when you reach the building to house geese). Destroy will remove whichever piece of wall or roof you’re looking at when you click. Walk your village with your Hammer set to “Repair” periodically, as walls that need repairing will show in Red. Thankfully, they also visually show damage if you’re paying attention.

Note: As of the 9/20 patch, you can now use the Delete function on the Hammer to delete Fields.

Note: As of the 9/30 patch, you can now permanently remove tree trunks with a shovel.

Building Layout Aesthetics

User iMalachi pointed out some tips for those seeking an aesthetically pleasing layout, where buildings are oriented to align with the invisible grid that farm fields snap to. Farm fields are free to place, and can be deleted with the hammer – so you can place strips of farm land before placing buildings, to create consistent walkways and paths, rather than seemingly random, more organic ones, if that is your desire. The concept of a city-grid system is a bit more modern, and those seeking historic immersion may want to forgo this technique.

Fields will also wipe out vegetation and rocks, so you can place one, then remove it, to “mow your lawn”, so to speak.

You can create strips of fields to form ninety-degree angles if you’re seeking parallel and perpendicular layouts as well.

Building Repairs

Your buildings will degrade over time. Each roof and wall part degrades at its own pace. You can easily see damaged buildings in your Management tab, when viewing your buildings. You can also equip your Hammer, Right-Click and select “Repair” mode, then take a quick walk around your village. Most structures should show green, but sections of wall or roof that need repairs will show red. Additionally, if you’re paying attention, the actual graphics for the walls and rooftops change to reflect wear and tear, which can key you in to the fact that you may need to check the rest of the buildings as well. Building sections need to degrade to a certain threshold to change from Green to Red, and cannot be repaired until then.


Traps have approximately three uses before they fall apart and you’ll need to craft new ones.

The Rabbit trap makes getting meat pretty easy early on. Set it and forget it for a few hours to a day (make sure you actually leave the area). Head on back, and you’ll have a dead rabbit to collect.

The Bird trap is the easiest way to collect feathers prior to building a chicken coop. In the same manner as the Rabbit trap, set it and forget it. Return later for some meat and a bunch of feathers.

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