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Medieval Dynasty Early Days Guide: Quests & Money

Early Days Guide: Quests & Money

This guide is being written during Early Access. Some of what is said below is subject to change, and may change before I have the chance to update it. That said…

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You won’t have much income early on, and everything is expensive. Immediately follow the first quest to get the ball rolling, claim your land and start to build a home, which will provide you storage. That storage will be needed greatly, as you can only carry so much.

Until you’ve got storage, don’t fall into the classic gaming trap of picking up and hoarding everything you come across, or you’ll soon be unable to move.

Fun fact: As of this writing, if you’re at the second of three overburdened phases, you move a bit faster if you move diagonally.

Icons In Your Compass: Exclamation Points indicate a Quest. Bags indicate a Merchant. An official looking document indicates Unigost, who in addition to offering the Main Storyline Quests, is also who you must pay taxes to each Spring (more on this in Preparing Your Village section)


There are a couple of quests to be had in the town you spawn near. The Castellan, Unigost, will offer you the Main Storyline Quests.

Of chief importance beyond Unigost is a young man named Alwyn – following his chain will eventually lead you to your first Bow, and following it further, is perhaps the easiest way to get your first Longbow which works much better.

Fun Fact: When engaging in a friendly archery competition with Alwyn as part of his quest chain, the distance you are from the target is how many points you’ll receive for a bullseye.

Dynasty points will be very important a bit further in the game, so completing any “!” side-quest you come across that awards them is recommended. A recent patch increased the Dynasty Point reward for quests.

Early Game Cash-Flow

Allow me to reiterate: Everything is expensive! It really drives home the frustration of being poor in the middle ages, even if by our modern understanding of money some of the values seem ridiculous (example: If you purchase thread to make pants, you’ll spend 1,000 coins to make pants…)

Prior to earning Survival Sense, the easiest income generator is to gather sticks and stones and make Axes and Knives to sell. You can sell spears as well, but they’re just so darn useful!

There’s a bit more info on each of these below, but If you’ve got naturally keen eyes, St. John’s Wart and Broadleaf Plantains abound and can easily create big stacks to earn one or two hundred coins easily. If you don’t intend to use Berries for food/water in Summer, you can harvest the unripe berries in Spring for cash as well. Fall is a good time to spend an entire day simply gathering Mushrooms of all kinds to sell.

On the road to the hunter Sambor, who you’ll meet in the course of the Main Quest line, there is an abandoned cart that has been pushed down the hill (the fence is broken, showing where it went off the road). There is a waterskin there, and perhaps bolts or a hat.

Written by Vahn

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