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Medieval Dynasty Guide to Cooking, Healing and Thirst


You heal when you sleep at night.

You can also heal with plantains, a green-leaf, brown-flowered plant found close to the ground. It can be hard to see. Keep a stock on hand, and the rest you come across can be used for early-game cash-flow.

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Don’t eat raw meat, or poisonous mushrooms. They will give you food poisoning. If you contract food poisoning, St. John’s Wart can be consumed to help cure it. St.John’s Wart are small yellow flowers found all over. Keep a stock on hand, and the rest you come across can be used for early-game cash-flow.

The skill ‘Survival Sense’ will make both of these, in particular the plantains, much easier to forage.

Medieval Dynasty Guide to Cooking, Healing and Thirst


Once you’ve hunted and have some raw meat, you’ll need to cook it. You can cook meat at a campfire, your cooking fire inside your home, or the always-on fire in a Tavern, once you’ve advanced far enough to build one.

To light your campfire or cooking fire, first craft a torch. You will only be able to light a fire if you’ve got a torch in your inventory.

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If you’re using a cooking fire or are in a tavern, do not aim your cursor at the cauldron – instead, aim at the fire/embers. The fire/embers will allow you to cook your meat. The cauldron is used if you have other ingredients (cabbage, onions, etc) and want to cook a more robust meal. Simply right-click the cauldron to bring up a list of recipes you can cook with multiple ingredients.

Tavern II includes schemes to unlock various breads, as it’s “cooking fire” becomes a stone oven and stove when you build it.

Regarding curing meat/fish with salt or a drying rack: I’ve not developed that technology yet to verify, but I have heard tell that the Hunting Lodge II and Fishing building II have those options available.


In addition to the obvious sources such as rivers, lakes, and streams, you won’t always be within a few feet of a natural thirst quencher. You can carry a Waterskin, which can either be bought, stolen, or crafted in the Sewing building. It has 4 uses before it needs to be filled back up. Unlike a natural water source, which assumes you’re drinking until satiated, and thus fills the bar no matter how low it is, the waterskin fills it partially with each use.

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If you haven’t found one to steal, don’t yet have the ability to craft it, and/or agree that the cost is completely absurd, then Berries make an excellent on-the-go water source as they provide a point or so per berry, and its quite easy to get 100 to 200 from one batch of bushes. Some cooked foods also provide small amounts of water, but their effort and weight compared with the boost doesn’t make them particularly worthwhile as a water source. You can (currently) store Berries in Food Storage to halt their degradation.

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