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Medieval Dynasty Guide to Seasonal Food

Medieval Dynasty Seasonal Food

There is a skill in the Survival tree called Survival Sense which will highlight what you can forage along the ground in yellow when holding the Alt key. Its use does drain stamina, so be cognizant of this.

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Pick up Morels for quick-fix food, or sell them in bunches for early cash-flow.

Unripe berries can serve as cash-flow as well, but don’t eat them as they’re poisonous. Unless you desperately need the cash, leave them until summer.


Pick berries for on-the-go quick-fix food to both hunger and thirst. They don’t provide much, but a single minute spent picking all in the vicinity can fill you up well.


Mushrooms abound during fall. Pay close attention to the details when viewing them in your inventory, as it’ll tell you if they’re poisonous or not. Hopefully by fall you’ll have done some hunting and cooked some meat, so you can treat all mushrooms as cash-flow.


There’s really no gathering to be had in Winter. Hunting will be your only food source during this time, if you don’t wish to pay at various taverns for food.

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