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Medieval Dynasty Hunting Tips and Tricks

This guide will be about Hunting tips and tricks in Medieval Dynasty game. The Hunting guide is for the beginners but you can also get more infos with the guide. You can also find other guides for the game with links below.

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There is a Hunting skill about half-way through the tree that will highlight
animals in Green (passive) or Red (aggressive) within a certain radius of you (It is similar to the Survival skill that highlights forage-able plants on the ground in yellow).

It is worth investing in both of these skills.

Other than the rabbits which can be one-shot with arrows, other animals can generally survive the first arrow. If you can land a spear (this can work with arrows too, the spear is just visually larger), it makes them easier to track as they flee since you can hold [Alt] and see the spear. Just ensure that you throw a spear that is at least 66% durability, so it doesn’t break on contact.

Carry a knife with you, so that you can skin the animal afterwards and acquire the meat. if you do not have a knife in your inventory, you will not be able to harvest the carcass.


Rabbits are most easily hunted with a bow. Because they’re low to the
ground, they can be hard to notice in spring and summer when the vegetation is lush. Until you land a bow, you can get lots of practice in throwing your spears. Use Ctrl (default) to sneak, but be aware you’ll still need to stop some distance away or be noticed, and the rabbit will flee.


Similar to rabbits, but easier to spot due to both their color, and the
squeaky sounds they make. They can be very erratic with their movements, making throwing the spear difficult sometimes as they dart to and fro.


A headshot with a spear from cover is the easiest way to take the deer down, as they’ll flee with erratic movements if you land your throw anywhere else on the body.

Boar, Wisent, & Bear

Aggressive. Early game focus on headshots with your spears . Carry plenty of spears.

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