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Medieval Dynasty NPC Relationship Guide

NPC Relationship Guide

Many people wonder how to quickly make friends with the NPCs in Medieval Dynasty. This guide help you with it. Note that the guide is written for the game in early access, and may no longer be relevant after updates.

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I recommend saving before talking to an important character (your future wife or inhabitant) to save time in case of failure.

Keep yourself clean! You can do this using the appropriate scale in your inventory:

it supposed that when you’re clean, your chances of success are higher. (However, I’m not sure that this mechanic really works right now). Use a washtub to clean yourself. You can put it anywhere by selecting the section with furniture in the menu: Q — Other — Furnitures — Washtub. To build it, you need 2 logs.

Usually you have 3-4 attempts to establish communication with the NPC. But as soon as you get a negative reaction from the NPC, the conversation will end, and you will have to wait for the next day to talk to them (or reload the save). If you choose a good line, you can continue the conversation.

The success of communication depends on what profession has the NPC you are talking to. The easiest way to communicate with farm workers, loggers or miners. It is a little more difficult with hunters, and the most capricious NPCs are those who are engaged in crafting: blacksmiths, seamstresses, innkeepers, etc. As soon as you find the right approach to each category, it becomes easy to communicate with everyone, except with artisans it may take a little longer due to the randomness of getting the right phrase.

So before you start a conversation, find out what your victim is doing. With inhabitants, this is the easiest thing to do. Press Alt and see their characteristics. The most advanced skill will tell you about the NPC’s profession. For example, the girl on the image below is a farmer.

With simple NPCs, it’s a bit more difficult — you’ll have to keep an eye on them for a while. Try to talk to them while they are working, for example, when they are picking in the field or standing mindlessly near the chicken coop/cowshed/pigsty. The innkeeper is easy to identify. Hunters and other artisans can only be identified experimentally by monitoring the reaction to your phrases. For example, Uniegost is a hunter.


In this section, I will present the NPC’s reaction to all the phrases that affect your relationship with non-player characters.

  1. How have you been lately?

The safest phrase that does not cause a negative reaction from the NPC. Use if there is no better option.

  • (simple workers) +10
  • (artisans) +5
  • hunters) +0
  1. Nice weather we’re having today, don’t you think?

Do not use this phrase when it is raining or it is foggy and cloudy weather. In sunny weather, it works perfectly, but remember that artisans do not like this phrase at all.

  • (simple workers) +10
  • (hunters) +5
  • (artisans) -5
  1. How the job? I hope, you’re doing alright.

The most favorite phrase of artisans, they just love it.

  • (artisans) +12
  • (hunters) +5
  • (simple workers) -5
  1. I just get back from working in the field. Tough job.
  • (simple workers) +5
  • (hunters) +2
  • (artisans) -2
  1. Recently I got into hunting, got any tips?
  • (hunters) +5
  • (simple workers) +2
  • (artisans) -5
  1. What a day! I’ve been working almost non stop but I know my hard work will pay off. You know what they say “early bird gets the worm”.
  • (artisans) +5
  • (hunters) +0
  • (simple workers) -5
  1. Have you heard any gossips lately?
  • (simple workers) +5
  • (artisans) -0
  • hunters) -5
  1. Have you seen that nobel who was passing nearby? I heard people say that he had amazing robes on him!
  • (artisans) +5
  • (hunters) -2
  • (simple workers) -2

Flirting and affection

You can start courting a girl after you raise the approval level above 60. At the same time, pay attention to the age of the future wife, if the difference between you is more than 10 years, she will refuse to accept your courtship. The opportunity to ask a girl to become your wife is always the first option during the dialogue. When the chance is higher than 50, you can try to make an offer of marriage. (I did it on the first try, but don’t forget to save the game before doing it, just in case).

The secret of success is simple – use only the following phrases:

  • 1. How have you been lately? I hope you’re doing well. If you ever need anything, just ask me. I’ll be glad to help, especially since it’s you. (+10)
  • 2. Did anyone ever tell you that you have beatiful eyes? (+5)
  • 3. I admire your dedication to your work. You deserve the highest praise for it. (+5)
  • 4. You look beatiful today. (+5)
  • 5. I recently went hunting and actually took on a bear. It was a tough fight but I succeeded at the end. (+2)

Use in good weather during the warm season:

  • 6. We should go out to have a lunch by the river sometime. I heard it’s really pretty this time of the year. (+5)
  • 7. You look as beautiful as that blue sky today! (+5)
  • 8. You know at my way here I saw a patch of beautiful flowers and I instantly thought of you. (+5)

And finally an unexpected working phrase:

  • 9. My lady, you seem very fit, you look strong like a boar.

Simple workers (+2) and hunters (+5) perceive this as a joke, in addition, after this phrase, the conversation ends by itself, and the girl leaves. As I was informed by the kind people in the comments, artisans do not like this phrase very much (-10), be careful.

All other phrases don’t work or take away points. Do not praise yourself, do not discuss her dress, and her figure “My lady i cannot help but compliment your shapely figure “(perhaps this phrase will work on artisans). And the phrase about money takes away 10 points at all. Not talking that you admire her honesty. Also, don’t admit to liking her ahead of time: “You know I like you a lot”. Most likely, in order for it to work, you need to raise the affection to a very high level, but earlier it either takes away 1 point or simply does not work.

For those who don’t know, a wife can help you reset your skill points, restore your health, and have an heir. All of this can be done simply by talking to her using the appropriate options in the dialog.

Communication with a child

The section will be added soon.

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