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Medieval Dynasty Skills & Tech Trees Guide

This guide will be about Skills & Tech Trees tips and tricks in Medieval Dynasty game. The Skills & Tech Trees guide is for the beginners but you can also get more infos with the guide. You can also find other guides for the game with links below.

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Skills & Tech Trees

Both Skills and Tech are advanced by doing things associated with them. Highlighting various areas of the trees will show you on the right what you need to do in order to advance.

Increase your crafting skill by crafting. Increase excavation by chopping down trees. Etc.

The easiest way to increase farming early on, is to craft a hoe, plot some farmland, and cultivate it. Over and over, until you unlock the Barn building. After that, hoeing is a bit slow.

As of this writing (Early Access launch), farming is not yet well-balanced. A lot of farming requires manure, which cannot be easily acquired as early in the game as you start your farming, and need to level the tech tree for. I imagine this will be addressed as the game continues to be developed.

That said, once you can recruit villagers and assign them as farmers, they supply their own Seeds and Manure – you simply need to delegate what to plant where, using the Farming subtab on the Management screen. The skill gain via Villagers is slow, so be prepared to invest a few years into waiting for the Farming Technology skills to accrue.

This is the ending for “Medieval Dynasty Skills & Tech Trees Tips and Tricks” guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun

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