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Medieval Kingdom Wars – Tips and Tricks

Quick tips I have found helpful in early game play. Please add any you might find useful.

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Castle Siege

Hi Guys!

Early in the game you find the AI is quite hard to beat, which is awesome! So here are a few things I have found helpful to do during a castle siege. P.S I play a strong defence so expect a defensive play style.

1. Build walls around the camp as soon as possible, you will then be able to build towers and upgrade them with a ballista for a low cost. This adds a good defence for scouting AI armies and helps hold the defence while reinforcements arrive. (Don’t forget to close the gates if an enemy approaches)

2. Market – best building to have, expensive but provides a good cushion when resources are in need. I have built barns to farm food, which is easy to stockpile, then sell for silver to buy wood.

3. Archers! – place them up high in the towers, they cut the enemy down very quickly and when “fire arrows” are researched they help with the siege equipment.

4. Serf’s gosh! – You need these guys early so build at least 10 units first and get some resources rolling in at the start to help with the walls, at least 5 need to gather wood at one time and they tend to follow each other so micro manage them for now.

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5. Swordsmen – Archers are for a good defence but you find that the AI loves archers at the early stages so build 2 – 3 units if you expecting an attack, they wipe out archers quite quickly and the siege engines they bring. (Flanking works well here so place them at different entrances)

6. Resources – the best way to start stockpiling resources is the build all the industrial buildings and upgrade them twice.The barn is a quick food stockpile, build one and build one of each animal every 15 – 20 mins, they bring addition resources and its improvements cost food which you will have a lot of very quickly. Wood is the most important early on but with a market you are able to get some serious wood by trading in resources…

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