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Mega Man X Dive Offline A Modest Guide to Farming Event Currency

So, you want to get event currency, but don’t know how to go about doing it. You might’ve just hit rank 60, or are just looking for the fastest way to get the cards and characters you’re looking for. This guide contains a few suggestions as you go through the game, from the moment you reach rank 60 to well beyond the power level the game recommends.

Mega Man X Dive Offline A Modest Guide to Farming Event Currency

Getting the Events you Need.

If you want to get event currency efficiently, you’ll need to know how to activate the events you need. Luckily, the process is fairly intuitive.

Go to the event screen. You’ll notice there’s a settings menu on the right hand side.

A Modest Guide to Farming Event Currency

Click on the settings menu, and a list of events will pop up.

A Modest Guide to Farming Event Currency

Select the event you want from either list, and click ‘active’. (If the event was turned on by you, it will show ‘close’ instead.)

A Modest Guide to Farming Event Currency

Presto! You now have a new event active!

A Modest Guide to Farming Event Currency

“Huh, that’s neat, but why can’t I turn one of the events off?”

Apparently, there will always be one event active at all times, which changes throughout the year. A bit annoying, but nothing we can’t handle.

“Can I activate multiple events at the same time?”

Yes! As you’ll see in the upcoming screenshots, you can activate multiple events at the same time!

So, we know how to get the events we want, but what events do we need?

Early Farming: Maleficent Hero

If you’ve just gotten to rank 60, chances are good you won’t be near the power level needed to take on most events, especially the bosses. You might be tempted to buy some revives to get through, even if it takes forever.

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But what if I told you there was an event stage that didn’t have a boss, or even a single enemy?

Look no further than Maleficent Hero, the de facto best stage for event beginners

A Modest Guide to Farming Event Currency

In this stage, you are under a 2 minute timer to collect as much money as possible through pickups, destroying objects, and at the very end beating up a fleeing vehicle. Pass certain thresholds and you’ll earn more points when time is up. If 2 minutes seems a little tight, don’t worry: there are time extenders around the map to help you reach higher ranks. You have to really try to fail this stage.

Don’t forget to redeem point milestones once you’ve run the event a few times. Not only do you get Element Metals, Zeni, and Weapon Components, you also get free memories for Volnutt Alt! While not the best character in the game, he can heal himself and gain temporary invulnerability. The event will give enough memories to get him to one star, so give him a shot!

Other events have similar milestones. Notably, ‘The Savior has Come’ has Copy X memories, so you can save yourself some EM, or sell them for a few less if you’ve already maxed Copy X!

“Hey, this event doesn’t have a challenge mode! What gives?!”

Don’t worry about the lack of challenge mode here, that setting doesn’t give you event currency. Events with a challenge mode give you EM through missions: 200 for a regular clear and 1000 for an S rank clear. We want event currency, so we’ll be sticking to normal mode.

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Alternatives to Maleficent Hero for Bored Players

If you would rather be doing something more proactive, but can’t take on event bosses just yet, there are two alternatives I have found that might scratch that itch.

These are ‘Easter Eggs are Yours to Collect!’ and ‘Sizzling Heat! Splendid Summer’.

A Modest Guide to Farming Event Currency
A Modest Guide to Farming Event Currency

These events are a bit more perilous than Maleficent Hero, but there is one important part about both of these events: They have no boss. If you can handle enemy arenas just fine, these events offer a bit more activity. Easter Eggs is slower than Splendid Summer due to the vast use of stunning enemies and the blue spheres from cyberspace, and if you’re going for S rank its hidden elements are more spaced out, but they’re roughly the same otherwise.

These events might come out faster than maleficent hero if you make efficient use of speed up, shield, and healing on your characters. I won’t list all examples here, but a few to help you along:

  • Massimo is a great budget option for shields, being able to gain one on either of his special skills.
  • The Air Buster provides speed up on enemy hit.
  • The Crimson Scythe and Batton card provide heals on enemy defeat. Using a 5-star Batton with a non-5 star Batton allows their effects to stack. Keep in mind Batton needs another card to activate its healing effect.
  • If you can splash the cash, S Rank Zero provides all three innately. If you’ve gotten a lot of event currency from Maleficent Hero, ViA performs a similar role.

These events should carry you until you’re ready to take on event bosses, which brings us to the final part of this guide.

Late Farming: Beat the Chameleon and Strike of the Crimson Assassin

After a while, you’ll be ready to go toe-to-toe with event bosses, be that through cheesing, brute force or pure skill.

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To that end, you’ll want to look for two events: ‘Beat the Chameleon’ and ‘Strike of the Crimson Assassin’:

A Modest Guide to Farming Event Currency
A Modest Guide to Farming Event Currency

As opposed to the other events, which had no boss, these events are only the bosses themselves. With a good enough build and power level, both bosses can go down in seconds, providing an easy avenue for farming event currency. Sting Chameleon is slower than Magna Centipede, but I personally find him easier, not to mention you’ll have more practice from story mode and maybe even Jakob’s elevator. Once you get to endgame, it doesn’t matter which one you take, you’ll demolish them in no time flat.

“These stages are taking too long, am I doing something wrong?”

Chances are you’re not powerful enough to make these stages faster than the other choices in this guide. Either that, or you just need to familiarise yourself with the bosses and how to fight them. Here’s something you can do to make things easier:

Choose Crimson Assassin. Get a character who can create shields and a Melee weapon of your choice. When you face the boss, while on the ground, get your shield up, go right up to the boss, hold the attack button, and rapidly tap the dash button, moving into the boss where appropriate. Doing so will land several attacks without the usual delay while the shield protects you.

It won’t do everything for you, and Magna Centipede is far from the best boss to use this strategy on, but it will go a long way.

These events will take you to the end of your event farming journey. Don’t forget those milestone rewards!

Written by CyclonefernoX

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