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Mega Man X Dive Offline Gold Guide: Zeni Farming for Endgame Players

Are your pockets running on empty all too often? Have cyberspace time trials become a bit too tedious for your liking? Want to get that bit richer that little bit quicker? This guide is here to demonstrate an alternative method to farming zeni for players looking to round out characters, weapons, and more, suited for the endgame!

Mega Man X Dive Offline Gold Guide: Zeni Farming for Endgame Players

Preface: A Few Things

While this guide is intended to help make your zeni farming more efficient, it should be noted that as far as the main campaign of this game is concerned, zeni farming is not mandatory. The story mode provides more than enough to allow you to purchase good characters and weapons, as well as upgrades for them. If you are struggling with your zeni reserves, regular trips to the corresponding event should get you through to the end of 23-6. Remember that you have EM to use on unlockables as well, so don’t be shy about using them if zeni is that much of an issue.

This guide will also be strictly tailored to players that have unlocked the final difficulty setting of the Armour Enhancement event. Lower levels will naturally have lesser returns, to the extent that cyberspace runs may be strictly better, hence the title specifying that this is for the Endgame.

Lastly, as we will get to, the calculations in this guide are not perfect. This is based off of my experiences with the game, and thus reflects what I am capable of as of the time of writing. The game can also vary in how much it rewards you using the method in this guide, so your margins may be larger/smaller depending on your luck. There are more caveats, but these are the most pressing ones to get out of the way.

With all that said, onto the guide proper.

Why you should run Armour Enhancement for Zeni

On the face of things, this guide may appear a bit redundant. The game gives you a stage specifically for farming zeni, that has to be the best way to do it, right?

And for the most part, I would agree. The zeni event, or Cyberspace time trials as I call it, takes little time to complete and awards a good serving of zeni. The final level will give you just over a million for your trouble, and personally I find an average run takes around 40-45 seconds from when the timer starts. Granted, this is knowing how to abuse the nova strike to circumvent the main platforming section, so newer players may find themselves running a few seconds behind that.

Glittering Gold: Zeni Farming for Endgame Players

You’ll notice, however, that even a million doesn’t go that far. S rank characters and weapons will take a few runs to get to 5 stars, to say nothing about skills, DNA codes, chip analysis etc. What appears to be a quick and easy way to get zeni can soon turn into a slog.

So what does any of this have to do with the Armour enhancement event?

On its own, the event gives you zero zeni. It does, however, provide you with bolts to acquire armour with. Purple bolts and Gold bolts are used for different versions of the same armour, but we’ll be using both for our zeni farming ways.

Glittering Gold: Zeni Farming for Endgame Players

You’ve probably noticed by now that when you dismantle a piece of armour, you are given some items in return. One of these will be a refund of the bolts used to make the armour, but more importantly you’ll get some zeni as well.

Glittering Gold: Zeni Farming for Endgame Players
Glittering Gold: Zeni Farming for Endgame Players

As you can see, while the purple armour gives a modest amount of zeni, the gold armour gives an amount comparable to lower level cyberspace time trials. If we are able to sell multiple of them at once, we could easily make a single Armour enhancement run worth more than a Cyberspace time trial.

“Ok, but can we really do that? Surely Cyberspace is faster than Armour Enhancement?”

Not necessarily. Unlike Cyberspace, Armour Enhancement lacks enemy arenas, so it’s just a question of how fast you can get the items needed for the S rank and get to the end. You do not, however, have to get all twelve items in Armour enhancement to get the S rank, you can get by with as little as ten. Better still, the items will always be in the same place for that difficulty.

With a character that can destroy crates fast and move quickly, such as DiVE Armour RiCO, you can secure an S rank in less than 40 seconds, making event clears potentially faster than cyberspace. Time is therefore not an issue, we just need to sort out our zeni returns.

This brings us to what armours we need to dismantle in order to get the most zeni.

Da Numbers: Which Armours you should make

For this guide, I have dismantled armour sets from level 100 to level 190 and calculated how much zeni can be earned from selling that set only from a single run’s worth of bolts. The following assumptions are made:

  • The highest level of Armour enhancement was chosen
  • An average of 460 purple bolts and 370 golden bolts are earned in a run
  • No armour sets were sold outside of their level range. E.g., the level 190 armour would not be sold with the level 160 armour
  • Bolts earned through dismantling are used to create additional armour for dismantling, if able
  • No armour made in the process is used as equipment
  • Any excess bolts are not considered, as these calculations are from a single run only.

In the event these calculations are inaccurate, the number of purple and gold armours created for each level will be listed alongside the final zeni counts for each level, as well as zeni prices for each piece.

Without further ado, here are the stats:

Level 100 armour

  • Pieces: 7 purple, 8 gold.
  • Price per piece: 25,481 (Purple), 127,407 (Gold)
  • Final zeni: 1,197,623

Level 110 armour

  • Pieces: 5 purple, 6 gold.
  • Price per piece: 33,857 (Purple), 169,287 (Gold)
  • Final zeni: 1,185,007

Level 120 armour

  • Pieces: 5 purple, 5 gold
  • Price per piece: 41,846 (Purple), 209,232 (Gold)
  • Final zeni: 1,255,390

Level 130 armour

  • Pieces: 5 purple, 5 gold
  • Price per piece: 50,560 (Purple), 252,802 (Gold)
  • Final zeni: 1,516,810

Level 140 armour

  • Pieces: 4 purple, 5 gold
  • Price per piece: 51,496 (Purple), 257,479 (Gold)
  • Final zeni: 1,493,379

Level 150 armour

  • Pieces: 4 purple, 4 gold
  • Price per piece: 58,716 (Purple), 293,581 (Gold)
  • Final zeni: 1,409,188

Level 160 armour

  • Pieces: 4 purple, 4 gold
  • Price per piece: 68,004 (Purple), 340,022 (Gold)
  • Final zeni: 1,632,104

Level 170 armour

  • Pieces: 3 Purple, 3 Gold
  • Price per piece: 72,359 (Purple), 361,793 (Gold)
  • Final zeni: 1,302,456

Level 180 armour

  • Pieces: 3 purple, 3 gold
  • Price per piece: 77,349 (Purple), 386,747 (Gold)
  • Final zeni: 1,392,288

Level 190 armour

  • Pieces: 3 purple, 3 gold
  • Price per piece: 84,568 (Purple), 422,840 (Gold)
  • Final zeni: 1,522,224

As you can see, while armour pieces get more valuable the higher level they are, our hypothetical single run makes the most by selling the level 160 armour pieces, being a little under 1.6x better than cyberspace. As you’ll have leftover bolts from dismantling, your overall margins will be higher than shown here.

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