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Mega Man X Dive Offline Triple EXP MOD (Only for EXP event)

It TRIPLES the EXP and DOUBLE the REWARDS. For the EXP permanent event. “Escaping from the Floating Ruins”.

Mega Man X Dive Offline Triple EXP MOD (Only for EXP event)

This is an event you unlock very early into the game, don’t quite remember which level, but you’ll soon have it if you don’t yet.

Triple EXP MOD (Only for EXP event)

Yet it’s a very annoying “auto scroller” that is not as rewarding as it should be. Specially on later levels where your XP amount required is huge.

This mod aim to fixes that, by triplicating the amount of xp you get on each level, and also duplicate the drops, without making it become too easy.

You’re not forced to do this event at any point into the game so assume it’s something you go only when you need it.

The changes of the EXP is as follows, from left to right being top to down in this list:

  • 5000 -> 15000
  • 6000 -> 18000
  • 7500 -> 22500
  • 10000 -> 30000
  • 12500 -> 37500
  • 15000 -> 45000
  • 17500 -> 52500
  • 20000 -> 60000
  • 25000 -> 75000
  • 30000 -> 90000
  • 40000 -> 120000
  • 50000 -> 150000

Installing the Mod


Might be surprising, but a lot of people tend to try to install mods with the game open.

Then download the mod file. I’ve uploaded it on MEGA[mega.nz].

Now unzip the file and you’ll see a file called


That’s the mod right there.

Now you need to find the folder where the game is installed.
If you can’t do that on your own, then Steam helps you:

1) Right click the game name in the Library
2) Click “Properties”
3) Click “Installed Files”
4) Click “Browse…”

Triple EXP MOD (Only for EXP event)

You should arrive at the game’s folder.

Then move into Game_Data > StreamingAssets > DownloadData

If you see a folder like this, great job, you’re at the right place!

Triple EXP MOD (Only for EXP event)

Now just replace the single MOD file into that folder, you’re DONE!

Have fun!

Triple EXP MOD (Only for EXP event)

Uninstalling the MOD

Option 1 – More work but doesn’t affect other mods

Before installing the mod, make a backup of the files in the original folder with the same name.
Then replace them back.

Option 2 – Less work but may affect other mods you have installed

Remember that Properties screen I taught you above?

Go there again but this time click a button called “Verify integrity of the game files”

It will restore the game to the original files.

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