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Men of War: Assault Squad 2 – How to Japan (Tactics and Tips)

Top tier tactics.


Step 1: Spam suicide chargers and nuke any defensive position with either grenades or radio operators.

Step 2: Litter the map with hidden Kamikaze bombers.

Step 3: Either keep pushing with step 1 or if they have armor too strong for you just take a step back and let step 2 take care of everything.


  • Never ever use the Japanese armor, unless it’s a mountain climbing trench clearing Ha-go.
  • Don’t run at MG positions, instead nuke the zone with artillery or do something equivalent.
  • Radio operators are great and you should use them.
  • In case of an open area use cheap vehicles to make it not open anymore. (by that i mean litter the place with dead tanks so bad they end up covering your troops)
  • If you play with enough resources setting up 3-4 150mm artillery pieces in the back can be great.
  • Defending is when japan is at it’s strongest.
  • Use the at guns when defending a position.
  • Kamikaze bombers will destroy Anything, you can always make them equip the explosive on the bottom left of the screen then control them by pressing E and blow them up on command with the usual fire button.
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