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Metro Exodus – All Electronics Upgrades

All Electronics Upgrades

Electrical equipment

  • Description. This item is vital underground: the flashlight will light your way, while the dead battery and other electrical equipment could be easily charged using a compact charger.
  • How to unlock: available by default.

Extra Bright Flashlight

  • Description. The upgrade replaces the incandescent lamp with an arc gas-discharge metal-halogen lamp. The main advantage is a powerful beam of light, while the main downside of this upgrade is the increased energy consumption.
  • How to unlock: at the Caspian location. There is an old barge between the lighthouse and the place of which Baron talked on the radio (a question mark appears in the upper left corner of the map). You will find the upgrade inside the barge.

Battery Charge Controller

  • Description. An electric circuit in the charger which is designed to control the process of battery charging. This upgrade increases charging efficiency and improves battery durability.
  • How to unlock: at the Volga location. There is an island in the middle of the map. There, you will find a small barn with a generator. You need petrol to launch it. A canister stands next to this barn, outside. After this, enter a big house, open the left door and climb the ruins to the roof. Jump to the switchboard through the hole and activate the switchboard. After this, you will be able to open the second door at the beginning of the building. A corpse on the operating table lies behind this door. The upgrade is in his belly.
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NVD Amplifier

  • Description. Combines two night vision technologies – thermal imaging and visible light amplification. Only special forces used such NVDs before the War.
  • How to unlock: at the Caspian location. You are interested in a building that is located behind the port. This is one of the three places of which Anna will tell you. There’s a workbench at the very top – the upgrade is located on the left side.

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