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Metro Exodus – All Helmet Upgrades

All Helmet Upgrades

Spartan Helmet

  • Description. A mandatory element of every Spartan’s armor that protects the head and does not interfere with the use of the gas mask, which is especially important during on-ground operations.
  • How to unlock: available by default.

Extended Filter

  • Description. These filters use fibrous filtered materials with a material amount of sorbent, increasing the total filter lifetime.
  • How to unlock: at the Volga location. Move up the map from the building where captives sit in cages (in the center of the location, slightly above the railroad car with Duke). Go a little to the west to find a container in the corner. The upgrade is inside the container.

Reinforced Helmet

  • Description. A heavy version of the Spartan Helmet that is based on a new type of composite material and provides enhanced bullet protection.
  • How to unlock: at the Volga location. Go down from the place where Duke is. There’s a room among the ruins of the building that is occupied by bandits. The upgrade is there on the box. If you haven’t found it on the Volga, visit a rusty vessel with slaves (in cages) at the Caspian location. Anna will tell you about this object. There is a cabin in the container in the central part of the ship. On the table at the side, you will find either a helmet or components in case the helmet upgrade had been already found at the Volga location.

Armored Glass

  • Description. This face mask design makes the eyepieces much more resistant to damage, and it becomes significantly harder to break them.
  • How to unlock: go to the upper left corner of the map where black puddles of oil are shown. There, you will find a question mark which appears after the Baron uses the radio to complain about disobedient slaves. Clear the location. After this, a man on the hill above, at the end of the canyon, will draw down the rope ladder. Climb the ladder, but the poor fellow will shoot himself. Here, you will find a note and an upgrade.

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