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Metro Exodus – Body Armor Upgrades

Body Armor Upgrades

Carrier Vest

  • Description. A protective suit that allows you to carry limited ammo, throwing weapons and essential items like first-aid kits and filters.
  • How to unlock: available by default.

Ammo Pouches

  • Description. Additional ammo pouches. Adjusting belts provide convenient carrying. The pouches are closed with additional flaps, preventing ammo loss and decreasing noise during movement.
  • How to unlock: at the Volga location. Go to the building that is located a little to the north of the car where Duke is hiding (you will visit it when moving along the storyline). There, you can save hostages, find a note and find this upgrade in the corner near the door. If you don’t find it on the Volga, you’ll have a chance to pick up a vest at the Caspian location:

Consumables Carrier

  • Description. Additional compartments of the tactical backpack allow you to increase the supply of essentials – medkits and filters.
  • How to unlock: at the Caspian location. Move to the right from the rusty vessel with slaves pointed by Anna. Go along the shore on the top of the cliff. Here, you will find a small cave with the upgrade and the real Baron on the chair on the left.

Throwing Weapons Harness

  • Description. Extra belts and pouches for throwing weapons so that you can double your supplies.
  • How to unlock: at the Volga location. When you follow the railcar to the terminal, you will pass by the gas station. Anyway, it is located not far from the boat which you need to get to the terminal. Break the lock inside the building and pick up the upgrade.

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