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Metro Exodus – Ending Achievement Guide

Ending Achievements

As per the previous Metro games, there is a morality point system which affects the outcome of the game’s ending. You get morality points by doing certain things such as playing through areas of the game without killing anyone and freeing innocent prisoners.

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There are also three achievements; Duke, Damir and Alyosha, which also seem to have a fair bit of weighting regarding whether you get the good ending. You can get these after completing certain areas throughout the story. You will also get an additional achievement for getting all three in one playthrough.

Duke survives.

You will get this at the end of the mission to lower the bridge in the level VOLGA as long as Duke is alive. I personally got to the end of this mission in stealth, so didn’t have a problem with Duke getting killed.

Damir stays with crew.

You will get this after fighting off Baron’s assault at the top of the tower. I’m pretty sure for this one, you want to make sure none of the innocent slaves are killed in the previous couple areas. Guil and Damir mention it a fair bit as you enter the areas, so keep an ear out.

It sounds like there are a few additional things that will also help to determine this. For example, retrieving Guil’s photo when looking for the maps and freeing villagers from a couple areas across the CASPIAN level.

Alyoshga doesn’t get wounded.

Full Strength
Duke and Damir stay with the crew, Alyosha doesn’t get wounded.

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