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Metro Exodus – How to use the binoculars

How to use the binoculars

Binoculars will be especially useful on the Volga and the Caspian. You will receive it after you have met Duke on the Volga according to the storyline. Take out your binoculars. It has three magnifying positions: LMB – zoom in, RMB – zoom out. First, zoom out to the maximum and start moving the binoculars’ sight around the location. You will hear clicks indicating that the binoculars are aimed at some interesting place. Zoom in and find the required object.

Focus on the blur on the screen. For example, if the crane is blurry, that’s what you need: zoom in and wait. The blur should disappear while a symbol of binoculars will appear in the upper left corner. Open the map and you’ll see that a ‘’question mark’’ has appeared at this place. There is one exception: if you have visited this location before and the mark has already appeared on the map, the binoculars symbol will not appear at the top left.

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