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Metro Exodus Moscow Collectible Locations (Post Cards & Diaries)

Moscow Collectible Locations

Moscow Postcards

You can find two postcards in the first chapter:

1. When you wake up in the infirmary, go into the next room and pick up a postcard from the cupboard on the right. Do this before going to Anna and Miller.

2. When you follow Anna on the way down, examine the apartment on the floor below. Go to the kitchen and pick up a postcard to the right of the window.

Moscow Diaries

You can find ten notes in the first chapter:

  1. Going through the subway tunnels, you will find a half-torn notebook on the table to the right after you have killed the first enemy (and before the encounter with two other opponents).
  2. When you wake up in the hospital, examine the table near the wall on the right. Take the patient file.
  3. While descending through the building with Anna, go to the apartment that is located on the floor below. In the hall with a coach, the dusty diary lies on the bedside table on the right.
  4. Before you go down the escalator, find a bookstore on the left. A corpse with a stalker’s note is located near the entrance.
  5. Having got out of the building, you will have to go through a bus. Shura’s note will lie on one of the seats.
  6. When Artyom is shot, go through the ditch and crawl below wooden boards. You need to move forward, but there is a blocked passage on the right (a parallel path). A corpse with a crumpled letter is buried between two passages in the snow.
  7. Once you meet Anna and get into the control room, take the official note from the console.
  8. When you bypass enemies in the courtyard and find yourself in the hangar, you will find a memo on the table on the left.
  9. During the episode with the cruiser, once inside the car, turn through the hole in the wall on the left. There are two enemies in this car, while the official letter lies near the hole on the table.
  10. When the shooting begins, take the crumpled note from the box on the right before entering the head car.

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