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Metro Exodus Volga Collectible Locations (Post Cards & Diaries)

Metro Exodus Volga Collectible Locations

The Volga Postcards

There are five postcards in this chapter. Here’s the location of each:

1. When you get to Krest and go down to his room with a workbench, take a postcard from the wall to the right of the door.

2. Stand next to the terminal where the trolley was and walk along the tracks, going straight and then to the left. There will be a small building on your right. Go inside and take a postcard hanging on the wall above the workbench.

The Volga Diaries

In this location, you can find 13 diaries:

  1. When you gain control over the character, go over the bridge in the opposite direction, turn to the right to descend and pay attention to a concrete structure resembling a stop. There are corpses under this structure, while a moldy log lies on the mattress.
  2. When you follow Krest to the port, go around the building on the right side and find the stairs leading down not far from the rails and the fence. Go downstairs and inspect shelves in the room near the door to find a water-logged note.
  3. In the warehouse where bandits keep hostages (there’s also a key for the room with the night vision goggles), there’s a suitcase standing near the fireplace – the folded letterlies on it.
  4. In the barn near the tower in which you can find a teddy bear for Nastya, you can take a dirty letter beside the metal detector.
  5. The screenshot below shows the place where you need to go. Go upstairs from the neighboring building and find a wooden structure at the top. You need to get there moving along the beams that are placed on the roof of the building. Having climbed, you will find a faded note inside the structure.
  6. There is a black mark on the map to the northwest of the terminal with a carriage occupied by bandits. Come to the water and you will see a flooded building. If you reach it (for instance, using a boat from the middle island), you will find a log book there.
  7. Pick up a dusty notebook in the building where you found the enlarged filter
  8. Go east from the railroad car where Duke hides. In the building with high-level radioactivity, you will find a thick envelope.
  9. There is one more remote island in this area. It’s smaller than the previous, where you found the generator and new equipment. When you get in the boat to head to the terminal with the railcar, row to the right to reach this island. There, you will find a bandit’s note.
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