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MICROVOLTS: Recharged Main Missions List

I made this guide so I can easily see what the requirements are for missions while in-game, by using the steam overlay, since the game doesn’t have an ingame option to see the missions.

I know that the game has the “track achievement” option, but it doesn’t tell you what to do, it only tells you the name of it. I’ll update the colored pictures of them as soon as I finish them all too.

MICROVOLTS: Recharged Main Missions List

All Missions

Main Missions List


Main Missions List
  • Welcome! Tutorial Complete.
  • Weapon Tuning Tune any weapon once. (You have to buy a weapon from the shop, even the cheap ones, then the tuning becomes available by clicking on it)
  • Parts tuning Tune any parts once. (You have to buy a clothing part/set from the shop, then the tuning becomes available)
  • This is the shop? Equip any 3 weapon in shop. (Randomly press on weapons in the shop to preview them)
  • Now, play the game Play game any mode completely.
  • doublejump! And.. Use swapping technique 3 times. During the double jump, hit the other player with a shotgun.
  • Change Mission? Click the change missions button in mission book. (For daily/weekly missions)
  • help? F1! Create room and press button F1.
  • Find the Capsule box Go limited gacha shop and click search capsule button.

Tier 1 Battle

Main Missions List
  • Hard Knock Life – Die 5 times in a row without killing an enemy in one match.
  • We are the champions – Earn 300 wins.
  • Assassin – Earn 5000 kills.
  • Super Jumper – Jump from a super jump 100 times in one match.
  • Enamel Eater – Obtain 30 health drops in one match.
  • Double Kill Master – Earn 7 double kills in one match.
  • Multi Kill Master – Earn 6 Multi Kills in one match.
  • Good Shot Master – Earn 5 good shots in one match.
  • Battlemaster – Complete the Tier 1 Battle Achievements.

Tier 1 Melee

  • Melee Expertise – Earn 500 Melee kills.
  • Swipe Attack – Kill 10 enemies with the Melee swipe (primary fire/left click) in one match.
  • Swing Attack – Kill 20 enemies with the melee swing (secondary fire/right click) in one match.
  • Jump jump jump! – Double jump 100 times in one match.
  • Swing for the Fences – Complete the Tier 1 Melee Achievements.

Tier 1 Rifle

  • Rifle Expertise – Earn 500 Rifle kills.
  • Accurate Shooter – Earn 5 head shot kills with the rifle in one match.
  • Pinpoint Precision – Earn 5 rifle kills on a super jumping enemy in one match.
  • Fly like an eagle – Earn 5 rifle kills while on a super jump in one match.
  • Driving Automatic – Complete the tier 1 rifle achievements.

Tier 1 Shotgun

  • Shotgun Expertise – Earn 500 Shotgun kills.
  • One Hit Wonder – Earn 5 Shotgun kills on an enemy with full in one match.
  • Out of Range – Earn 10 shotgun kills on an enemy 15m or more away in one match.
  • Surprise! – Earn 5 shotgun kills while on a super jump in one match.
  • Overpowered Shotguns – Complete the tier 1 shotgun achievements.

Tier 1 Sniper Rifle

  • Sniper Expertise – Earn 500 Sniper Rifle kills.
  • Watch your Head! – Earn 5 head shot kills with the sniper rifle in one match.
  • Jumpers Beware – Earn 10 sniper rifle kills on a super jumping enemy in one match.
  • Bullseye! – Score your first kill of a game with a sniper rifle head shot.
  • Not a camper! – Complete the tier 1 Sniper rifle achievements.

Tier 1 Gatling Gun

  • Gatling Expertise – Earn 500 gatling gun kills.
  • Too warm – Overheat your gatling gun 30 times in one match.
  • Spinning the barrels – Empty your entire Gatling gun clip at once.
  • Heavy Flight – Earn 10 Gatling gun kills while on a super jump in one match.
  • MG Noob – Complete the tier 1 Gatling Gun achievements.

Tier 1 Bazooka

  • Bazooka Expertise – Earn 500 Bazooka Kills.
  • Direct Shots? Lucky! – Earn 5 Bazooka Direct shots on an enemy with full HP in one match.
  • Rocket Jumper – Earn 10 Bazooka kills while on a super jump in one match.
  • Two birds one stone – Kill 2 enemies with one bazooka shot.
  • Rocket Rain – Complete the tier 1 Bazooka achievements.

Tier 1 Grenade Launcher

  • Grenade Expertise – Earn 500 Grenade Launcher kills.
  • Angled Accuracy – Earn 5 grenade launcher direct shots in one match.
  • Flying Pills – Earn 5 grenade launcher kills while on a super jump in one match.
  • Explosive Showing – Inflict 10000 total damage with the grenade launcher in one match.
  • Grenade Spammer – Complete the tier 1 Grenade Launcher achievements.

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