Minion Masters: Achievements Guide

Minion Masters Achievements Guide

We’re extremely excited about the launch for Minion Masters, the crazy BetaDwarf take on Free-to-play skill-based minion action! It’s the game we always wanted to play, so we made it! Join us and over a million players, and show us your unique strategy!

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Minion Masters Achievements

Apprentice CollectionAcquire a collection of 50 cards
Challenge accepted!Complete 5 solo challenges
Challenge completed!Complete 10 solo challenges
Close oneWin a Ranked Battle with less than 100 Health left
Common CrafterCraft a Common card
Daily AnnihilatorComplete 25 Daily Quests
Daily ConquorerComplete 10 Daily Quests
Daily MasterComplete 100 Daily Quests
Daily ObliteratorComplete 50 Daily Quests
Daily WinnerComplete 3 Daily Quests
Deck MakerCreate 3 decks
Defeat them allWin against 8 different Masters
Friend ChallengerPlay a friendly challenge with 3 different friends.
Know it allWin a Ranked battle with 8 different Masters
Legendary CrafterCraft a Legendary card
Legendary!Complete 30 Achievements
Master CollectionAcquire a collection of 150 cards
Novice CollectionAcquire a collection of 100 cards
Power GathererUse 25 Power Tokens
Power ManagerUse 100 Power Tokens
Power MasterUse 250 Power Tokens
Ranked AnnihilatorWin 50 Ranked Battles
Ranked ConquorerWin 10 Ranked Battles
Ranked MasterWin 500 Ranked Battles
Ranked ObliteratorWin 100 Ranked Battles
Ranked WinnerWin 3 Ranked Battles
Rare CrafterCraft a Rare card
Rare!Complete 5 Achievements
Resource GathererUse 20 Resource Tokens
Resource ManagerUse 50 Resource Tokens
Resource MasterUse 100 Resource Tokens
Spell SlingerPlay 5 spells in a row and win this Match
Supreme CrafterCraft a Supreme card
Supreme!Complete 15 Achievements
Tactics StudyWatch a replay
The Bronze LeagueReach the Bronze League
The Silver LeagueReach the Silver League
The Stone LeagueReach the Stone League

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