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Minion Masters: Chat Commands

This are the most useful commands to be used in chat, there are others, but you won’t use them that often (if you’ll ever use them at all).

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Minion Masters Chat Commands

  • /w <name> : to send a private message to <name>
  • /r : to reply to a private message
  • /me <message> : to send a chat message as emote
  • /deck : post your deck in chat
  • /msgdeck <name> : to post your deck as private message to <name>
  • /stealdeck : replace your current deck with the one you are looking. WARNING: there will be no confirmation, if you type that command your current deck will be replaced at once and there is no way back.
  • /showtimestamps : enable the time stamp in every chat message
  • /hidetimestamps : disable the time stamp in every chat message
  • /setchatbackground <0/1> : use 0 or 1 to enable/disable the chat background
  • /setchatfontsize <n> : change <n> with the font size you want
  • /resetchat : reset the chat to default settings (requires the game to restart)
  • /join <channelName> : to join/create a chat channel
  • /leave <channelName> : to leave a chat channel
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The chat also support a series of emojis, to use them just type :<command>:
Where <command> is one of the following:

  • happy
  • hi
  • sad
  • wow
  • angry
  • wp
  • glhf
  • gg
  • twitch
  • kp1
  • gm
  • mean
  • facepalm
  • cool
  • greet
  • peace
  • sleep
  • wink
  • austria
  • belgium
  • denmark
  • estonia
  • finland
  • norway
  • switzerland

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