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Minion Masters: How to Build a Deck

This guide will teach you the main rules of Minion Masters deckbuilding and how to build a solid deck. There is a video included as well if you prefer the audio variant of this guide.

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I’ve played Minion Masters for over a year now and I like the game a lot. I’ve learned many things so I make this guide to help mainly new players. In this guide you will learn the main rules of Minion Masters deckbuilding and how to build a solid deck. If you prefer the audio variant of the guide, here it is:

Deckbuilding Rules

In this section I will talk about the 5 main deckbuilding rules for Minion Masters. So, if you want to build a solid deck, you should follow the following rules:

1. Average mana cost of the deck should be around 3.5
2. Your deck should have around 8 minions and 2 spells
3. You should have ways to counter Flying, Swarm and Big units
4. You should have around 1 or 2 specialized cards
5. Have a strategy with a win condition (Mana frenzy, early aggression, etc.)
Specialized cards – these cards are commonly called deadcards because you use them rarely during the game – they are used only in specific situations and you’ll want to save them to specifically counter your opponent ; these are cards like Defenso Chopper, Divine Warrior, Lightning Bolt, etc.

This is a TEMPLATE. If you want to build a solid deck you can follow these rules. Feel free to change the values according to the strategy of the deck or according to your idea! Don’t take these values as permanent, rather take them as default.

The Beginning of the Deck

There are 2 main ways to start building a deck:

  • The first one focuses on the master. In the beginning you choose your master and build a deck around his strengths and weaknesses.
  • The second one focuses more on the idea of a deck or around a combination of cards. Choose this path if you are more experienced and want to try some crazy combos (C2A, Dragon Nest, Azali, etc.)

With the second approach you should aim first at adding the first 3 to 4 cards in your deck. These are called the “core cards” of your deck – they represent your main idea of the deck and the main strategy. You finish your deck following the rules of deckbuilding.

Exampe of Deckbuilding

For the sake of the example I will go with the first method of deckbuilding – choosing a master. I will choose King Puff and I will show you the whole process of deckbuilding.

First thing you should do is explore the master’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses – either play with him or ask about him in the chat, discord server or reddit. I advise you to write somewhere the master’s strengths and weaknesses. Here is an example with King Puff.


  • Strong attack – good against mid-health units (like Warriors, Whirly Scrats, etc.)
  • Good bridge control abilities
  • Empowers 4 and 5 mana minions


  • Slow short-ranged attack – weak against swarm units and ranged units

I will add the cards Drone Walker, Drone Buzzers, Fire Imp and Spear Throwers. This is the core of the deck. I add these cards because they get special bonus from King Puff second perk. From here I will follow the deck building rules. Currently I have three ways of dealing with flying and ranged units (Drone Walker, Drone Buzzers and Spear Throwers) and one way of dealing with big units (Fire Imp). You want to have at least 2 ways of dealing with every type of unit (flying, ranged or big units).

That’s why I add the spell card Beam of Doom – it is a versatile card that can help me deal with big units and it’s good for some face damage as well. Currently the deck is very costly and I am aiming for average mana cost of 3.5 – that’s why I add some cheap units that will help me both for bridge control and for lowering the cost of the deck. I add Scrat Pack, Propelled Scrats and Swarmers.

For the last two cards I will add a Wall – it’s good for King Puff because it will help him get to the mid game with more health and he is week to early push so some defence is not a bad idea. I add Defenso Chopper – it’s a really good card in the current meta and it counters many melee minions and I need some healthy ground minions to cover my week troops. Here is how the finial deck looks:

Card Replacements – there are some cards that can be replaced by others similar cards with the same function for example you can replace Propeller Scrats with Dragon Welp or Defenso Chopper with Divine Warrior. You should only replace cards that are not part of your core deck. Replacing Fire Imp with Granadier or Drone Buzzes with Plasma Marines is NOT a good idea because they are part of the core deck (the first 3 or 4 cards that your deck is built around)

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