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Minion Masters: Picking the Right Card in Draft

The aim of this guide is to give you a better idea what would be a good pick the cards themself and to get better at decision of picking cards, as well making a solid deck that can get you to higher wins if played correctly.

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Picking the Right Card in Draft

So you want to get better at draft mode well fear not since I made my mind to make a guide for it once I hit 12 wins in it so if you stick around you may learn some things to do better at this fun mode.

There are few topics I will cover in the guide here is the list:

1. Masters and which one to pick and tiers in my opinion it may differ as well.
2. Cards and stats of them.
3. picking the card.
4. some general strategy for draft play.

1. Masters

1. Apep
2. King Puff
3. Milloween
4. Mordar
5. Ratbo
6. Ravager
7. Settsu
8. Stormbringer
9. Volco

Question now which one to pick well you can go with any you want but some perform better in draft since of card picks is not same and randomized. Roughly this may be tier list with explanation:

Due to changes in patches this is the current tier list most likely
Tier 1 King Puff, Ravager and Settsu
Tier 2 Mordar, Milloween
Tier 3 Volco, Apep, Ratbo
Tier 4 Stormbringer

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Dont take this too serious but on higher wins people usualy have good air and/or ranged units with strong tank that is why I made like this tier list if you have something to help out to refine it more shoot it I am open for suggestions.

2. Cards and stats

Ok this one is short if you want all the stats for cards you are interested in here is the link to it:

Card list here.
Big thanks for work of spredsheet by 3FFA just borrowing here so more people can find it
Spreadsheet of cards and other data

3. Picking the right card

So how do you pick the right card well for draft mode you got 10 picks like you would make a premade deck in constructed but you get it randomized and ofc varying quality respondive.

Now cards will always be same rarity type from 3 picks you get offered with certain odds for rarity type now lets see what types we got:

1. Tank
2. Air
3. Ranged
4. Reach
5. Tech
6. Regulars

So lets begin 1.Tank is type of card that generaly has good hp amount and can take a beating that serves as meat shield for your other units of choice you deside to go with him.

2. Air self explained a unit that can fly and attacks from air to ground or air to air or only air to ground.

3. Ranged generaly low hp units with good dps that counters trash minions or support to tank used to deal with air and have first hit in.

4. Reach any type of card that can allow you to get some damage in or to shape the flow of battle usually in form of dmg spell cards

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5. Tech cards are the ones who generaly arent good on own as a card pick but can be very good if your deck synergy well with it like black hole to counter beam of doom on your tanker

6. Regulars just solid cards with no special stats or abilitys handy to fill up deck and for mana cost manipulation.

Now that we got that done with lets go what to pick and why. First few picks after you have made choice on master you will use should be cards that are good on its own since you don’t have idea what you will get in next pick, then think what that card can do for me anti swarm ability stoping power or hard clear or just raw stats for tanking. Don’t rush pick since that will usually lead to poor synergy deck, after the initial picks look for good synergy not with just cards themself but with master and see how you can maximize the potential between. And if you see the deck is going good for certain playstile like atrition try to prioritize good picks that help that style even if its less value card than other pick that makes negative synergy. also thinking about what you may encounter so you have answers ranged for air units and tank to deal with flood things like that.

That is roughly the way probably will refine guide in future as I get more intel and responds on this one.

4. General strategy of draft

Like other normal modes draft is similar but it does have more mindwork in it in terms of strategy since of all random cards you get and oponents arent using typical ladder decks you cant really know what they have until they play it. So if posible depending on the deck type try to make oponent make first move and dont bridge rush both since that can end in disaster with a card last stand of oponent play. Keeping bridge control is important since more perks you get faster over oponent the more likely you will end in victory. Dont play a big unit alone you dont know if he has hard removal just waiting for it instead play some smaller things first see how he plays to that then if you have good tempo get ahead even more untill he cant deal with it and lose the game.

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Also having some general idea what cards are popular and thinking what oponent may be rolling depending on master and his inital plays like this. Oponent Stormbringer if he has good deck he is def going to have good mix of ranged units and some support spells or oponent holding off plays looking to bait out you playing something so he can play counter to it that is why you go with a midrange or light card to cap a bridge or something or play in back of your arena side to buy time, also he might be saving mana up to play big card, Sometimes its good to get hit in tower to make your units have free kills with cost of hp ofc and last general tip would be never let mana caps at 10 mana because then its wasted mana for just waiting it unless its something really important to have all 4 cards at that time which is not likely in draft mode at least.

Written by InsidiouS

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