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Minoria Complete Map with Locations

A complete map marked with collectable item locations.

Minoria Complete Map with Locations

Fairly sure I marked everything correctly, I am however missing a single silver coin that I have not been able to find while going through 5 plays of the game in full. If anyone finds it please show me where it is. It’s the only thing in the game I am missing. Luckily everything in the game can be bought without it, as well as all achievements can be granted without it also.

If anything is missing aside from the single silver coin, please do note it.

If you encounter an area that is marked but cannot seem to find the secret hiding place of it, try crouching and pressing jump to fall through platforms. There are at least two areas I can remember off the top of my head that had hidden areas beneath the floor. Other secret areas are either secret areas on the wall you can jump into or a wall/floor/ceiling tile you must hit with your weapon to open up a new path.

Please note:

  • Some items (and one area) can only be obtained after completing the game first, or getting past a certain threshold within game progression.
  • Archives not marked on the map will naturally be obtained through story progression.
  • Key-items such as door-keys for game progression and miscellaneous items are not marked on the map with the exception of the Ivory Bead.

If anyone makes a prettier version of this map, by all means please upload it and I’ll take mine down if yours contains everything correctly and looks visually better. Mainly just posting this due to no map with item locations marked on it being uploaded yet.

Written by Sweet_D

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