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Miscreated – Best Place for Looting

Hayward Valley and especially Hayward City are the best places in the map to get you geared with high end weaponry and clothing.Its located in the In the North part of the map, north of Woodhaven and west of Clyde Hill between to mountains.Every place in Heyward has really good loot but if you want to know where to go first these are the places you have to loot:

  • Blue scafolding building (check the beds even though they might seem to have nothing on them)
  • Hotel (you can also take the elevator to the 9th floor for some extra ammo/guns)
  • Law Firm aka Huge office building (don’t forget: check the end of the airplane crash, there are some gun spawns there)
  • Scaffoldings (go on all the floors)
  • Police Department (don’t forget to check:
    1 The secret sniper spot on the roof
    2 The parking area behind the PD
    3 The Armory)
  • Police cars
  • Clothing Stores(behind the counter and on the back room)
  • Small shops(behind counter, on the tables)

Map of best areas for looting based on danger ,player population ,and loot spawns.
WIth light green been the best place (Heyward city etc) and red being the worst (Pinecrest)

Update: Pine Park and Rocky Ripple are also some of the best places to loot and i hadnt mentioned them because i had shown them on the map , but apparently not all people see the map i made so i decided to write about it.Keep in mind that Pine Parks is a lot bigger that Rocky Ripple and has a lot more mutants there if none has visited the area in some time.

Written by alcabilone

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