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Miscreated – Chat Commands

Here you can find useful “secret” Chat Commands.

Chat Commands

Chat commands can be typed into the chat window.

The current chat commands are:

!pop (displays the server population)

!uptime (amount of time the server has been running for)

!ping (your ping time to the server)

!restart (time until next scheduled server restart)

!server (name of server you are playing on)

!base (show base parts and lifetime)

!report (If a player kills you and you suspect them of cheating, you can now use the !report chat command to report the player. You need to use the !report command within 5 minutes of being killed by a suspected cheater Any message you type after the command will be included in the report to EAC, example: !report he was flying in the air when he killed me Do not use it to report frivolous issues or non-cheat related reports – those will be ignored)

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