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Miscreated – Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks

There are 2 kinds of drinks : sodas/alcohol wich are non reusable ; and bottles/canteens we can refill (but canteens are too heavy).

To refill, immerge a few (to the knees) in a water source, river; and from the inventory window act like drinking (right mouse clic). It will refill (we can hear a refilling sound playing)

Water bottles weight not so much than sodas and can be refilled,
it seems keeping water bottles is a good solution for thirsty.
I’d say 4 are enough. 6 if you stay for long sessions in forests.
Just locate a water source while you’re playing/exploring as usual, and refill.

Wolf meat is an excellent meal and easy to get.
(check the combat section)

Water bottle + meat = better than canned stuff and sodas.

Let’s go hunting!

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