Mist Survival – Attack Infected and Attack Bandits

Mist Survival - Advanced Starting Tips and Tricks

Attack Infected

Attack Infected: Shoot them in the head with your Longbow or gun. At your base stand on your Wall or behind Livestock Fence, they normally drop an item and you can collect your ammo. At buildings have a range weapon at hand. Sometimes you can shoot them while they are inside. Sometimes you can entice them to run outside towards you. They will only run a few metres then run back inside. Sometimes you need to go inside after them, sneak in and try to get them from behind. You can collect items while aiming but best to kill them all then loot the place.

For most of the map if a building has the door close there are no Infected inside and if the building has an open door there may well be some Infected inside. In the small town (far corner of map) some infected are behind closed doors and attack you as soon as you open the door, Save and be prepared with a Shotgun! Always shoot them in the head. Infected can respawn sometime later.

Attack Bandits

Attack Bandits: Save game and Sneak up to their Bases. Use stealth when possible (Knife from behind or an arrow to the head) this will prevent the other Bandits from being alarmed. When you must go in and face more than one of them switch to your Rifle. Pillage the Base. Some Bases have a Hostage. Free them and they will stay at your Base. You can equip Hostages with weapons, so they can defend your Base, and you can set them Build tasks.

Once you have attacked all this there is currently nothing more to do but repeat. There is reported to be 6 Bandit Bases, but I only found Bandits at 5 of them and at the Roadblock Base they only appeared when I was in a car. (glitch)

Other Tips:

  • Always carry 1 food and a bottle of water, a Bandage, an Axe, an American Eagle blade a Longbow and a Gas Can.
  • Don’t eat uncooked meat or Unsafe water.
  • Climb towers to find items.
  • Use Livestock fencing to keep put Infected.
  • As soon as Mist appears run to safety.
  • If you can hear bird song, then it is too bright for Infected to be outside
  • Check your vehicle before travelling.
  • When in a car you can’t eat, drink or use any item.
  • Shoot the head to kill.
  • Bears can’t get at you when you are standing on top of a car.
  • Temperature is currently irrelevant and there is no Jacket or trousers to wear.

Problems & Glitches

Mostly the game runs smoothly and is very playable, but here are a few problems that I found:

  • All beds state ‘Single’ and work the same.
  • All salted meat causes food poisoning even cooked meat.
  • Saw Bench sometimes only produces 1 plank of Wood.
  • Trees grow back in front of your gate, so you must chop down the tree again to drive in and out.
  • Bears, Chickens and Bandits can suddenly disappear and reappear somewhere else.
  • I had my whole car and boot load of items disappear once while I was in it, this was after the game seem to freeze. This only happened once.

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