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Mist Survival – Basic Base and Crafting Guide

In this guide I will cover what I feel is the best place to use as a base as well as crafting most of the items in game along with some tips. The videos are straight to the point, they are not let’s play videos so you will not have to worry about skipping through farming in order to get to the good stuff!

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Finding the best place to start your base

I will show you what I feel is the best place to use as a base and how to get there. From the 4 times I have restarted the game, I have noticed that I always seem to spawn in the same general area which is near two farms. As long as you locate one of the farms, head towards it and keep running past it, you will reach a road that will take you to the area.

The reason why I chose the house as a base is due to the fact that crafting is very limited and this house already has rooms that you can assign to the survivors that you will rescue.

I apologize for the low audio in this video, windows assigned my webcam as primary, it is fixed for later videos.

Crafting Part 1

Here I will do some crafting. I will make the workbench, the blacksmith, tanning rack, stump, grill, water tank, water purifier, and the moonshine still. I will also show you an area close by to the base where you can use a workbench to make some tools you may not have found yet.

Crafting Part 2

Here I will craft the chicken coop, generator, and fridge. I will also repair a car, catch some chickens and show you how to harvest a chicken and render fat.

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  1. If you use stock fences in front of your windows, the infected can’t get in. You can also build a stock fenced in area around your house like a play yard and when the infected attack they can’t get to you and you can pop them off at your leisure and even pick up your arrows without loosing them.


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