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Mist Survival – Build Base and Use Cars

Build a Base

Build a full Base. Build everything, including lots of locker storage.

The Infected can only get in through an open door or through one of the specific windows which will be boarded up. The Infected can’t get over Livestock Fencing so consider building some around your front door and against your windows.

You could build a Chicken Coup. Then you can catch Chickens by running after them, when you get very close press F to pick it up. Then carry it back and release it R into your Coup where it will lay eggs for you. You can also Harvest a dead Chicken for meat etc. Though by now you should be ok for food.

You could build a Generator to power a Fridge, Power Saw and Lights, but these didn’t work properly (glitch).

You could build a Wooden Wall around your Base. Be aware that trees grow back. Walls should keep out the Infected but the Hostages you rescue keep opening the Gates! I have played for more than 600 days and have never seen a Bandit away from their Base.

Use cars

Use cars. Take out any Engines, Wheels, Batteries and Spark Plugs from any cars you find. These items decay with use, most of them start of very worn. Select a car you wish to use and fit all the necessary parts. Estates have more storage slots. You will also need fuel. Collect fuel from cars using a Fuel can and put it in your car. You can drive around the whole map using a few litres of fuel. You use the same fuel to power the generator at you base.

Check the state of the car before you drive off in the mornings, you don’t want to break down miles from anywhere!

Other Tips:

  • Always carry 1 food and a bottle of water, a Bandage, an Axe, an American Eagle blade a Longbow and a Gas Can.
  • Don’t eat uncooked meat or Unsafe water.
  • Climb towers to find items.
  • Use Livestock fencing to keep put Infected.
  • As soon as Mist appears run to safety.
  • If you can hear bird song, then it is too bright for Infected to be outside
  • Check your vehicle before travelling.
  • When in a car you can’t eat, drink or use any item.
  • Shoot the head to kill.
  • Bears can’t get at you when you are standing on top of a car.
  • Temperature is currently irrelevant and there is no Jacket or trousers to wear.

Problems & Glitches

Mostly the game runs smoothly and is very playable, but here are a few problems that I found:

  • All beds state ‘Single’ and work the same.
  • All salted meat causes food poisoning even cooked meat.
  • Saw Bench sometimes only produces 1 plank of Wood.
  • Trees grow back in front of your gate, so you must chop down the tree again to drive in and out.
  • Bears, Chickens and Bandits can suddenly disappear and reappear somewhere else.
  • I had my whole car and boot load of items disappear once while I was in it, this was after the game seem to freeze. This only happened once.

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