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Mist Survival Updated 5.1 and Map

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  1. Mist Survival 5.1+ Map
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Updated 5.1+ Map.

Mist Survival 5.1+ Map

Well here we are again with an upgraded map and several new POI’s and areas to explore.
At least half of the items from 0.5.0 are still in the same place but there are many other new items added to the game.

There is no doubt that this may be considered a bunch of spoilers. so be it!! Just click away if this guide bothers you.

I made this map for my own use as I never remember where things are and get lost easily but have been requested to post it by several peeps after the success of my last map.

Please take it in the spirit its intended and remember it’s just a game!! A very addictive game but none the less just a game.

Enjoy!! 🙂


Mist Survival 5.1+ Map

Many thanks to the Mist fan wiki for the base map with grids.


Back Packs

  • There are now 18 possible backpack spawns.. however you can only upgrade 12 backpacks (24 inventory slots). After you have maxed out your inventory.. the backpacks no longer are available.. no matter how many are left.
  • Crossroads, there are now 2 spawn points for backpacks at K-15.. it also appears sporadic as to when the crossroads is manned by bandits.


  • These now seem to permanently spawn in 3 locations,


  • Shotguns are random spawns/types at: J-25, K-21, P-24.
  • Sniper Rifle has a chance to drop when killing the sniper at: N-26.

Car Parts

  • Spark Plugs are now in random cars but mostly at: K-17, F-21.
  • Some vehicles can now be destroyed for various car parts (these parts are random) using the sledgehammer.


  • Random spawns occur at G-18 which can include the chainsaw.
  • The Vest Armour can also be found here. G-18.


  • There are 2 Water Buckets at G-22. 1 outside the barn (random) & 1 inside the barn.
  • Concrete Blocks have been increased but are now scattered more throughout the map.
  • Blueprint drops from the Beserker at X-14 & can also be traded in a crashed vehicle event (random).
  • The Housing Area is vacant.
  • Sawmill Area is mostly unchanged.
  • Radio Tower is mostly unchanged.
  • Construction Site & Old factory is mostly unchanged.


Hope this helps someone!

Written by beebopper

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