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Mist Survival – Using Xbox 360 Controller

How to use Big Picture Mode to use XBOX controllers in Mist using my own personal XB360 controller config if you know already how to use BPM just open it up in game with your controller switched on and look for my name or Mist Survival in community configs.

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Setting Up Controller

So In this little guide I will help you setup an Xbox controller to work with Mist Survival and how to access my own configuration I have setup for this game. Or you can create your own configuration from within BPM.

Right lets begin shall we.

Step 1

Go to steam\settings\controller and select “General Controller Settings” on the top right, When the blue box opens check the box for “xbox configuration support” when its checked just close the blue box and close the settings tab and that’s the first part done see really easy isn’t it.

Step 2

Turn on your controller or plug it in (if you use wired) and start Mist Survival. Getting easier folks. (Controller must be switched on before starting game for this to work)

Step 3

Now game is loaded go into options\Keymapping and set to default (if you use default keys already you can skip this bit) and exit back to main screen.

Step 4

Press Shift+Tab to enter Big Picture Mode and you will see a controller config section click it and now you can either create your own configuration binding keys to the relevant buttons of your choice or you can select browse configs from the bottom of the screen (you will need to browse if you want to use my config) and click community then select my setup pictured above titled “Maconijnrs Mist Survival XB360/1 controller” (there’s only 2 options to choose from) open it and apply by clicking done in the bottom of the screen. Exit Big Picture Mode by selecting return to game.

Step 5

Start game and enjoy with working controller support. See that wasn’t so hard now was it.

A footnote for if you use my config any buttons with 2 functions assigned to them you just press for 1st option and hold it down for the second option, also when in the inventory left trigger acts as right mouse and right trigger acts as left mouse meaning you can still use all right mouse options that are available in the inventory.

Written by Maconijnr

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