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Mistover Beginners Guide

Mistover Beginners Guide



Item Description
① Doomsday Clock Shows the amount of time remaining before the apocalypse. At midnight, the world will end, resulting in Game Over.
② Current Location Displays the name of wherever the player is.
③ Town Menu Lists selectable options for places to go in Town.
④ Gold Indicates how much gold the player has.
⑤ Requests Displays requests that have been accepted (active) and that can be reported about (completed).
⑥ Menu Allows the player to access Options, See Records, and Back to Title Page.

Expedition Center

  • Recruit new members and manage your Corps Crew.
  • Out of the 8 characters available, some will only appear at random. Characters with the same profession may know different battle skills.
  • Use gold to hire these recruits.
  • By requesting to expand recruitment at the Support Lab, higher level “Senior” characters may appear.
  • Any Expedition Corps members rescued from dungeons will become available to recruit.
    While they do not have the skill set of Senior members, they can be recruited at a cheaper price.
  • Go to “See Recruited Crew” and use “Manage” to equip or unequip items, change character names, and select skills.
  • There is a limit to the number of Corps Crew members that can be recruited. At capacity, discharge unused members to hire more.

Corps Crew Details

Item Description
① Basic Information Displays the icon, name, level, and profession of the character.
② Formation Status A stamp will appear if the character has been assigned a position in the Corps Crew formation.
③ Basic Stats Shows the attack power (minimum to maximum), block power, HP, and MP (or SP/YP) of the character.
④ Formation Recommender Provides a visual analysis of the best formation positions (front, center, back) and most frequent target range given the character’s skills.
⑤ Experience Guage Shows how much experience has been accumulated.
⑥ SP (Skill Points) Shows the number of skill points accumulated.
⑦ Detailed Stats HIT: Determines accuracy when attacking a target.
CRI: Determines ability to deal fatal blows to a target.
EVD: Determines ability to evade an enemy attack.
GRD: Determines ability to block an enemy attack and take less damage.
SPD: Determines how soon another action can be taken.
⑧ Specialities and Resistance Silence: Determines ability to cause/block an effect that makes the target unable to use any skills.
Stun: Determines ability to cause/block an effect that paralyzes the target so they cannot perform any actions.
Move: Determines ability to cause/block an effect that makes the target unable to move.
Bleeding: Determines ability to cause/block an effect where the target takes continuous damage for a set number of turns.
Weaken: Determines ability to cause/block an effect that lowers the target’s stats.
⑨ Equipment Slot Shows what items are currently equipped and allows for Equip, Unequip, and Replace.
⑩ Skill Menu Select from tabs for Battle, Expedition, and Jinx skills.
⑪ Number of Selected Battle Skills Shows the number of skills currently selected over the maximum number of selections possible. Appears as a fraction.
⑫ Previous Corps Crew Member Shows the previous character that can be switched to.
⑬ Next Corps Crew Member Shows the next character that can be switched to.
⑭ Skill Information Provides details about each skill, including the possible positon(s) to cast them from and their effect range.
⑮ Change Name and Manage Skills Access the Change Name and Manage Skills functions

Training Camp

  • When Corps Crew members level up, their stats increase. At certain levels, they will automatically receive Jinx and Co-op skills.
    • They also receive SP (skill points) that are required to learn or improve skills.
  • Learn new skills or increase the level of existing skills using “Train Battle Skill.”
    • For a Corps Crew member to learn a new skill, another character that already knows it must be recruited. The skill can then be passed down.
  • When new recruits appear each week, carefully check their skills.
  • There is a limit to the total number of active skills possible. To equip a newly learned skill, an existing skill may have to be deselected.
  • Characters acquire passive “Jinx” skills as they grow.
    • Exchange an unfavorable Jinx for another random Jinx using “Modify Jinxes.”
  • Modification requires “Purified Mist,” which is hidden in Debris and Treasure Chests.

Alchemy Workshop

  • Items acquired in dungeons may have blue or purple names, indicating that they are Rare or Epic. Such items contain special attributes that can be revealed using “Evaluate Equipment.”
  • Evaluation requires “Mist,” which can be found in Treasure Chests.
  • Items with unimpressive qualities can be altered. Use “Fuse Equipment” to improve equipment by enhancing it with the attributes of other items.
  • Keep in mind that only one attribute will be randomly transferred per Fusion.
  • Items with blue or purple names have a higher possible “Number of Fusions,” and can thus be fused many times.
  • Fusion requires “Essence.” This can be obtained from Treasure Chests in dungeons, or by using “Disassemble Equipment.”

Support Lab

  • Conduct research and make requests at the Support Lab that help the Corps Crew during expeditions and battles.
  • Research requires different types of “Journal” items that can be collected from Debris and Treasure Chests.
  • The support available is listed below.
 Type of Support Effect
Increase Maximum Fullness Increases available Fullness, allowing for longer expeditions.
Increase Maximum Luminosity Increases available Luminosity, maintaining a wider field of vision for longer.
Expand the Expedition Corps Increases the total number of Corps Crew members that can be recruited.
Expand Expedition Corps Recruitment Increases the number of recruits available for hire at the Expedition Center, and their maximum possible level.
Expand Storage Space Increases the number of items that can be kept in the Storage.
Expand Bag Space Increases the number of items that can be kept in the Bag during expeditions.
Increase Experience Acquisition Increases the amount of experience gained from winning a battle.
Increase Gold Acquisition Increases how much gold is dropped after winning a battle.


  • Check items purchased from the Shop or acquired during expeditions.
  • There is a limit to how much can be kept in the Storage. To free up space, either discard items or sell them to the Shop.
  • Items can be equipped at the Storage. Make sure to equip the Corps Crew with any items acquired during expeditions.


  • Buy items necessary for expeditions or sell unused items.
  • Having enough Food and Seed is vital for maintaining Fullness and Luminosity levels. Potions that recover HP are also important.
  • Such items are exclusively available for purchase at the Shop.


  • Accept requests tied to the storyline and report back after fulfilling all the conditions.
  • Complete requests to receive helpful items for making progress in the game.
  • Listen carefully to Stella and Heinrich, as what they say is often important to the storyline.


  • View what dungeons can be explored.
  • Every week, the dungeons available in each area will change. Dungeons have different names, sizes, levels of monsters, and acquirable items.
  • Check the dungeon descriptions and evaluate the Corps Crew to decide which dungeon to clear.

Corps Crew Formation

  • When creating an expedition party, it is very important to consider the Corps Crew formation and position of each character.
  • Their position affects the skills they can use and the statistics bonuses they get, so choose wisely.
  • Higher level Corps Crew members will consume more Fullness and Luminosity during expeditions.
  • After reaching certain levels, Corps Crew members acquire special Co-op skills.
  • These powerful skills are only usable when specific characters are positioned in front, behind, or next to another Corps Crew member.
  • The icon in front of a Co-op skill name shows which character it requires. The skill description also specifies what position that character must be in.
  • When a character is in the right position to use a Co-op skill, the skill name will appear white. Select the skill and its range will be indicated.

Supplies (Take Expedition Bag)

  • For expeditions to go smoothly, it is necessary to bring useful consumables.
  • Food and other consumable items come in the sizes S, M, and L, so consider not only what to bring, but how much.
Icon Product Description
Food Recovers Fullness.
Ensures that the Corps Crew does not starve and can continue exploring.
When Fullness is at more than 1, the Corps Crew recovers a little HP with every action taken.
When Fullness is at 0, however, the Corps Crew will start to lose HP.
Seed Recovers Luminosity.
When Luminosity is high, the field of vision widens. More of the dungeon becomes visible with less movement.
The amount of Fullness and Luminosity required changes depending on the size of the dungeon.
Carrying at least 3 Seeds for small dungeons, 4 for medium-sized dungeons, and 5 for large dungeons is highly recommended.
Potion Immediately recovers HP.
While somewhat expensive, having 1-2 Potions on hand may be the difference between life and death.
Bandage Cures Bleeding.
It may seem like Bleeding does not cause significant damage, but over time, the value of Bandages will become clear.
Carrying at least 3 Bandages is encouraged, although needs may vary depending on dungeon size.
Purified Water Cures all Mesmerize/Debuff states, except for Bleeding and Stun.
Mesmerize and Debuff states cannot kill the Corps Crew. However, when they severely interrupt the flow or progression of a battle, Purified Water should be used without hestitation.
Carrying at least 1 Purified Water is recommended, although this may vary based on dungeon size.

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