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Mistover Gold Farm & Management

The unexpected appearance of the Vortex, Pillar of Despair, unleashed dreadful creatures that brutally raided the world. Defenseless and vulnerable, mankind was soon on the verge of extinction.

When all hope was lost, a miracle happened and the creatures suddenly vanished. Desperate to prevent the next invasion, the survivors created a group called the ‘Corps’ that journeys into the Vortex from whence the creatures emerged. You will lead the Corps to reveal the secrets behind the incidents.

Gold Farm & Management

Yeah, take a look at that pure evil smile that screwed over the world with her greed.

gold farm mistover

If you burn out your gold then it’s practically game over for you. The first requests make you feel that the gold will keep rolling in easy but that’s a no. As long as you stop doing request, gold is hard to come by. Eventually you will find it’s hard just to sustain food since:

  • Not every request reward you gold
  • There are requirement in crew level just to make the request appear in office.
  • Your crew lacks level and item for the next request / area

Also it’s POSSIBLE to run out of gold and having your crew died, leaving you no other option than restarting over. Of course you can keep sending your crew to lower area to gather gold but doing so will advance the Doomsday Clock. To earn gold safely without advance the clock you have to follow these rule:

  • Make sure your crew level stay within the corresponding monster level in the area. Crew level above the monster level will ADVANCE the clock no matter what.
  • Bring minimal resource into the dungeon or bring nothing at all.
  • Fight as much as monster as you can, count them. Small dungeon you should kill at least 20 monster, 30 for Medium and 40 for Large Dungeons.
  • Light all the flowers and loot all chest, debris (not Obstacle)
  • If a crew member is dying you must escape. Losing half of the loot is better than losing a crew member.
  • it’s quite tedious like this but at least it will keep the Clock from advancing.

I have tested all three dungeon in the first area ( misty forest ) and the gold that you can net from them is around 2-3k for the small dungeon, 3-4k for the medium and around 6-7k gold in the large dungeon (not counting equipment values).

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