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Mistover Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners

Some tips about mistove, which is a game looks like Darkest dungeon (DD) but not the same.

How to prepare

1. Always check for the mission

Mission brings bonus and wont do you harm
Just remember where the mission request you to explore

2.Always check for formation

Just like DD, make sure everybody can do their job

3.Always have some food and light seed

Food first, because you can still walk around and use light flower to restore your light, but your team wont last long without food

Small dungeon–3 foods
Medium dungeon–5 foods
Big dungeon–7 foods

Bring every polluted food and seed with you unless you want them rotten in your inventory


How to explore

1. Edge first

Always walks to the edge of the map, stick to it until you fully explored it’s edge, then try to find it’s center
Due to some theory BS this is more efficient, just do it

2.Things you best do

Pick all the debris, pick all the keys, open the chest if you can, light the light flower, beat red monster

Debris=loots=money or supplies. 1 foods could means different from life and death
Keys=can be use to open chest and it would hurt you so why not
Open chest=loots, often some equip which will improve your heroes battle performance. You have to carry them back tho
Light light flower=lights.You gain HP every steps so why not
Red monster=loots. Just watch it when you feel you cant survive the battle, in which case you should just bug out

You can smash some barricade if you must, with your face or with the knight, all the same. Break too much will have you trouble and waste time
You can step some traps, totally ok, it wont hurt you very much, but try to walk around and spend too much food will

BTW did I mention those actions will bring your doom clock backward?

3.Things you best NOT do

Smash your face alot with the wall and barricade
Walk around
Fight grey monster

Stop it, get some help
It’s all about efficient so be a pro and just dig some gold(I think you can beat some blue monster if you are boring and want to have some fight, just dont waste too much time)

4. Move with all the direction

Dont just up down left right
Press D and move faster with diagonal movement

5. Use your leader skill

Knight can smash multi barricade with her shield
Assasin( or shadow blade? what’s her name?) can stealth so the monster will stop chase you
The samurai guy can fly forever until he smash his face into wall\traps\monsters

Leader skill consume your food bar( or fullness, whatever), but the trouble it saves you worth more than it!

How to fight

1.Good team for good job

Study your team before run into the dungeon, knowing which skill is best for them to output dmg and which can patch their AShS
Bring 5 sisters to the dungeon, I dare you( They will be fine tho, lol), you will find this kind of team very cancer
Some heroes have coop skill so consider bring them together

2. Check formation before the fight

Your team wont return to the default formation which you set them are the start of exploration. And seems like they loves walking around, so check it out before the fight

3. “Break 1 finger is better than hurt 10”

Dead monster wont hurt you
Dead monster wont hurt it’s monster teammate
Dead monster wont spit debuff to you
So focus killing them one by one, specially the one who gonna eat your girls’ face!

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