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Mizuchi Endings Guide

Mizuchi Endings Guide

A small guide to help you get all the endings.

How endings work

Mizuchi uses a point system to determine what ending you get. You can earn points for each heroine based on what choice you make for the first nine choices. Most choices will earn you 1 point for a heroine, though there are two choices that can earn 2 points.

The ending requirements are:

Ending Achievement Unlocked Description Requirements
Sacrifice Bittersweet Hope Jinhai’s Normal Ending 6+ Jinhai, <5 Ai
Family Family of Misfits Jinhai’s True Ending 6+ Jinhai, =5 Ai
Stasis Find Me and Love Me Ai’s Normal Ending <5 Jinhai, 6+ Ai
Future Future of Golden Blessings Ai’s True Ending =5 Jinhai, 6+ Ai
Journey to the West Journey to the West Friendship Ending <5 Jinhai, <5 Ai OR +6 Jinhai, +6 Ai

Choices and points

Only the first 9 choices offer heroine points.

Choice 1:

  • I decide my own fate (+2 Ai)
  • I have no choice but to do as you wish (+0 Ai)

Choice 2:

  • I just want to go home (+0 Ai)
  • I should talk to her about leaving (+1 Ai)

Choice 3:

  • Explore the room (+1 Jinhai AND +1 Ai)
  • See what’s going on outside (+1 Jinhai AND +1 Ai)

Choice 4:

  • Hold onto her hand (+2 Jinhai)
  • Kindly refuse (+0 Jinhai)

Choice 5:

  • With Jinhai (+1 Jinhai)
  • With Ai (+1 Ai)

Choice 6:

  • Learn to cook (+1 Jinhai)
  • Relax (+1 Ai)

Choice 7:

  • Talk (+1 Jinhai)
  • Rest (+1 Ai)

Choice 8:

  • Reading (+1 Jinhai)
  • Swimming (+1 Ai)

Choice 9:

  • Writing Lessons (+1 Jinhai)
  • Swimming Lessons (+1 Ai)

General Tips

  • If you’re gunning for a specific true ending, try to get exactly 5 points for the opposite heroine as soon as possible, then make choices favoring your chosen heroines.
  • If you want to get the true endings, make sure you choose every +2 choice available; you’ll need those to meet the point requirements.

Thank you for reading, and have fun with the game!

Written by souryuu5

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