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Monster Hunter World A Better Control Scheme for Keyboard Users

Are you a serial keyboard and mouse user like me? Having trouble making this game work with them? Here’s a guide on how to stop the headaches and get yourself a good control scheme! This scheme should let you use even the most finicky weapon sets; like Insect Glaive, Charge Blade, and the Bowguns.

The Key Config

Here’s a screencap of all the key bindings for this control scheme. Click to maximise it!

Other Game Settings & Tweaks

Setting the Radial Menu to the type made for Keyboards.

Changing this setting will let you access items quickly by pressing F1-F4 and then pressing a number row key. For example, if you want a whetstone, press F1 then 1 by default!

Changing how the target lock button works.

The default settings for the target lock don’t seem to play very well with mouse movement. Changing the settings to this should make it act more agreeable.

Potentially adjusting the MouseBaseSpeed setting in config.ini

There’s a config.ini in the root folder of Monster Hunter World. There’s not many options here besides some handy binding settings for a controller and a certain setting that lets you adjust how the game emulates a joystick when you move your mouse. If you’re unsatisfied with adjusting the mouse sensitivity in-game, try adjusting this setting to your liking as well!

Control Scheme References

Here are reference images for your new control layout! Click to maximise them.

Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons

Written by Lyyti

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