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Monster Prom 2 Monster Camp Drinks Endings

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Drinks Endings

Please note that some of the drinks are unlocked overtime not instantaneously, and that the drinks you earn are in a random order from completing SE milestones.

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The Bear Ending
Works the same way as the ghost ending from Monster Prom. Get a date with any character (not sure if going alone is a viable option), while being a bear. You can either become a bear from an event where Coach accuses you of being a bear (I got it in Scout HQ but not sure if it can be triggered elsewhere) or getting the drink “Cursed Bearew” following that there are two events that happen after.

Event 1
Option 1. Smarts?
Option 2. Fun

Event 2
Getting good sleep – Smarts
Being turned into a rug – Boldness

Jerry Ending
Get the “Doom Perignon” drink

Event 1
Calculestor – Smart
Aaravi – Creative

Event 2
Horse-betting – Fun
Billionaire – Smart

Event 3
Damien – Charm
Coven – Fun

Morty Ending
Get the drink “The Best”

Event 1
Witch – Bold
Scott – Charm

Event 2
Revolution – Charm
Labyrinth – Bold

Event 3
Fridge – Charm
HOT – Bold

Batness Route
Activate by getting the drink “Molotov Cocktail”

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Event 1
Chancellor – Fun
Horny – Charm

Event 2
Discounts – Bold
Smelly – Charm

Event 3
Dramatic Martyr – Charm
Music – Fun

Sadie Route
The order you get this route is random, and you get this by getting the “Pizza” drink.

Event – This happens with camp rival camp
Rival is the one – Bold
Congratulations – Creative

Event – This happens with Jerry
Underworld – Bold
Organs – Creative

Event – Baba Yaga
Problematic – Creativity
Bait – Bold

Event – Mr Pappas
Economy – Smart
Hug – Charm

Event – Lifeguards
Fingers – Charm
Food Appraiser – Fun

Event – Magic Tree Mike
Government – Smarts
Eyes – Charm

Dmitri Route
Need the drink “Sacred Blood”

Event 1
Yaoi – Creativity
Evil Cape – Fun

Event 2
Dark Side – Creativity
Brunch – Fun

Event 3
Fishing – Fun
Brood Together – Bold

Need the drink “Blender”

Event 1
Cleaning – Bold
Microwaves –

Event 2
?? – Bold
?? – N/A
Event 3

Cursed Reality Show
Get “A Glass of Curse” to activate

Event 1
Trick – Creativity
Wig – Boldness

Event 2
Aaravi – Creativity
Phone – Charm

Event 3
Line – Smarts
Croissant – Creativity

Important Note: Ask no one to the meteor shower.

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