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Monster Prom 2 Monster Camp Farming Camp Tips & Guide

A guide to help you get all the outcomes in the game. Still gonna be a lot of work, though!

Farming Camp Tips & Guide

Farming outcomes?

The game has a load of events, and all those events have either 2 (for the campfire events) or 4 outcomes. Getting them all is a very long task, but outcomes, no matter if they’re successes or failures, have been written with a lot of love and deserve to be read by players. This guide is here to help you get organized enough to get them.

My method, my spreadsheet

I made a spreadsheet for Monster Prom, the prequel to this game. With a few changes, it’s now back for Monster Camp and you can use it if you want to. If you don’t want to use my filthy spreadsheet, you can skip this part and go to the tips below it.

Link to the Spreadsheet (made with Open Office, not sure how well it works with other software)

It’s all explained in the sheet itself, but I’ll explain it again anyway:

  • in the Type column, you can type whatever word you want to help you sort the events better (location the event happens in, characters involved, etc.) and you can also type Night for campfire event, which will automatically grey out the failures (since they don’t exist for those)
  • in the Name column, you can type the name you want to give the event (make it short, but precise to help find it again better)
  • the four next columns are there to track the outcomes you got for each event; just type s, b, cr, ch or f (x for campfire events or events where you don’t remember the needed stat) depending on the stat you needed for the choice you made in the right column (success or failure for the first choice, success or failure for the second choice) and it will be the right colour

With this, you can keep track of every single event and outcome you got to know exactly which ones you still need.

The spreadsheet also has two other tabs: one with all the info on backpack items, and one with info on the drinks I got (that part is incomplete, feel free to add to it on your own guide, as it will let you remember which drink will help you for the outcomes you want).

Tips on keeping track

So you don’t want to use my spreadsheet? Let’s help you get organized then. If you’re gonna keep track, you need several things:

  • a name to remember each event by, preferably short, but with enough info to know which one it is
  • a way to know which characters this event is about, where it happens (if location-specific) and what kind of event it is (regular one? campfire one?)
  • a way to know which stat each of the two choices from the event is about
  • a way to know which of the four (two in campfire events) outcomes you got for each event

The most important part is to start as early as you can. Each outcome you got without keeping track is one you might not remember and will have to get a second time, just to make sure.

Tips on farming

Farming starts the moment you start a game. Having several players (even if they’re all you playing alone) will let you cover more ground and get more events out of the pool for that game to get the ones you want.

Getting the right backpack items will let you keep the stats you want to fail at appropriately low and the ones you want to succeed at appropriately high.

Finally, having all players focus on a same summer crush will deplete the event pool even more and let you farm more efficiently.

Once in the game, it’s good to focus on a single location for each player at first, to be as sure as you can that you have all the location-specific events. Once you’re lacking fewer outcomes, you’re gonna need to keep track of which stats they’re about so your players are as low (or high) as possible in those stats, making sure you’re going to get the right outcomes. I recommend making stat-focused runs (low smarts runs, high charm runs, etc.) once the going gets harder.

Finally, drinks can be very important. Know them well and choose them well, as getting the Sangria when you need to fail at charm will be a gamebreaker.

There used to be a folder with all logs in Monster Prom, that would tell you which events you got (with their official names) and which outcomes you got (but not the stat needed for each choice). It helped tremendously, but I have not been able to find them for Camp, so you’re, alas, on your own for that part, meaning you won’t be able to find which choices you’ve made before you started keeping track (if you do find where the logs are, please tell me)

One last thing: while I recommend keeping track as early as possible, I wouldn’t start farming right away. Play for a while first, enjoy the game at your own pace, get secret endings. You’ll get outcomes pretty quickly at first anyway, no need to go straight to grinding. Start doing so when you think you’ve seen most of the content you want to see.

I’ll update the spreadsheet’s drink tab as I get more and the other tabs if I get any additional info. Good luck and enjoy farming!

Written by LaChouette

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