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Monster Prom 2 Monster Camp Secret Endings Guide

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Secret Endings

Drinks Endings

Please note that some of the drinks are unlocked overtime not instantaneously, and that the drinks you earn are in a random order from completing SE milestones.

The Bear Ending
Works the same way as the ghost ending from Monster Prom. Get a date with any character (not sure if going alone is a viable option), while being a bear. You can either become a bear from an event where Coach accuses you of being a bear (I got it in Scout HQ but not sure if it can be triggered elsewhere) or getting the drink “Cursed Bearew” following that there are two events that happen after.

Event 1
Option 1. Smarts?
Option 2. Fun

Event 2
Getting good sleep – Smarts
Being turned into a rug – Boldness

Jerry Ending
Get the “Doom Perignon” drink

Event 1
Calculestor – Smart
Aaravi – Creative

Event 2
Horse-betting – Fun
Billionaire – Smart

Event 3
Damien – Charm
Coven – Fun

Morty Ending
Get the drink “The Best”

Event 1
Witch – Bold
Scott – Charm

Event 2
Revolution – Charm
Labyrinth – Bold

Event 3
Fridge – Charm
HOT – Bold

Batness Route
Activate by getting the drink “Molotov Cocktail”

Event 1
Chancellor – Fun
Horny – Charm

Event 2
Discounts – Bold
Smelly – Charm

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Event 3
Dramatic Martyr – Charm
Music – Fun

Sadie Route
The order you get this route is random, and you get this by getting the “Pizza” drink.

Event – This happens with camp rival camp
Rival is the one – Bold
Congratulations – Creative

Event – This happens with Jerry
Underworld – Bold
Organs – Creative

Event – Baba Yaga
Problematic – Creativity
Bait – Bold

Event – Mr Pappas
Economy – Smart
Hug – Charm

Event – Lifeguards
Fingers – Charm
Food Appraiser – Fun

Event – Magic Tree Mike
Government – Smarts
Eyes – Charm

Dmitri Route
Need the drink “Sacred Blood”

Event 1
Yaoi – Creativity
Evil Cape – Fun

Event 2
Dark Side – Creativity
Brunch – Fun

Event 3
Fishing – Fun
Brood Together – Bold

Need the drink “Blender”

Event 1
Cleaning – Bold
Microwaves –

Event 2
?? – Bold
?? – N/A
Event 3

Cursed Reality Show
Get “A Glass of Curse” to activate

Event 1
Trick – Creativity
Wig – Boldness

Event 2
Aaravi – Creativity
Phone – Charm

Event 3
Line – Smarts
Croissant – Creativity

Important Note: Ask no one to the meteor shower.

Aaravi Endings

The Dungeon/Bagel Shop/Hex Ending
It’s a random triggerable ending for Aaravi, this counts as 3 secret endings.

Event 1
He’s an actor – Creativity (Hex Option)
Chuck a corpse – Bold (Aaravi Option)

Event 2
Axe – Fun (Aaravi Option)
Shield – Bold (Hex Option)

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Event 3 (If you picked two Aaravi options)
Attack Heart – Bold
Attack Privacy – Smart

Event 3 (If you picked two Hex options)
Coat your esophagus – Creativity
Mouth to eat – Fun

Event 3 (If you picked one Aaravi, and one Hex option)
All – Boldness
Label – Smarts

Aaravi Therapy (genie is need for this)
Event 1
Empathy- Fun
Patience – Smarts

Event 2
No stat choice, just don’t hit F/X or you fail

Event 3
Buy Improved Self Confidence – Charm
Craft an apology – Smarts

Calculester Endings

Robot Uprising
Event 1
High fiving – Boldness
Pancakes – Fun

Event 2
Cool hats – (Fun)
Organic/Robot Hybrid – Creativity

Event 3
Crossbreed a toaster – Smart
Law & Order – Fun

Cal’s Fatherhood
There are 8 different polaroid endings for this, but it only counts as one SE. It does require the flask

Event 1
Focus on itself – ?
Focus on helping others – Bold

Event 2
Logic all the way – Smarts
Emotions and creativity – Creativity

Event 3
Guillotines – Fun?

Dahlia Endings

Herald of summer Ending
Event 1
Opening – Fun
Allergies – Bold

Event 2
Politics – Charm
Socks – Creativity

Event 3
Drones – Bold
Poison – Creativity

Requires the flask

Event 1
Confetti – Fun
Mind – Creativity

Event 2
Inside – Smart
Dignity – Bold

Event 3
Enticing – Creativity
Big Gesture- Bold

Damien Endings

Damien’s Dads
Requires the Genie Flask
Event 1
Fucked in a car – Creative
Fake Romance – Charm

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Event 2
Wink – Creativity

Event 3
No – Bold
Jazz – Charm

Wildfire Ending
Event 1
Skateboard – Bold
Poem – Creativity

Event 2
Ferrari – Bold

Event 3
Steal someone’s heart – Charm
Gen Z – Smart

Joy Endings

Joy’s Exes
Event 1
Black Market – Bold
Amber Alert – Smarts

Event 2
Ask me any question – Bold
Exodia – Smarts

Event 3
New Date – Bold
Let him cheat – Fun

Requires the flask

Event 1
Logic – Smarts
Pizza – Fun

Event 2
Design – Creativity
Shirtless – Charm

Event 3
Artefact – Smarts
lo-fi – Creativity

Milo Endings

Making a cat a social media star
Milo and Cal will show up with a black cat, you’ll need the flask genie for this.

Event 1
Bow to Mr.Beanzo – Charm
Drive a bitchin’ Ferrari – Fun

Event 2
Paw Painting – Creative
Adventure – Boldness

Event 3
Cats 2 – Creativity
VHS Tape – Fun

Milo Death
Event 1
Narrate – Creative
Toasts from friends – Charm

Event 2
Birth – Fun
Mirror – Creativity

Event 3
You’re writing a will, however I don’t know how to keep from failing it currently, good luck.
(I think you need to choose the most poetic options (the end of a beautiful song / decadent music.. etc)

I had success with: end of a beautiful song, life is a decadent peach (and then freely type a thing everyone should do before dying, like “fu*k Milo”)

Written by ImmortalRoses

8 thoughts on “Monster Prom 2 Monster Camp Secret Endings Guide”

  1. Flask Genie

    Calculester (Location: Any)

    *It should focus on itself. Trying to “help” society is how robot apocalypses happen. (CHARM)
    (+2 Creativity +1 Smarts)

    *It should focus on helping others. And I’m totally not just saying that because “others” include me. (BOLD)
    (+2 Fun +1 Charm)

    Calculester (Location: Any) Botsworth

    *Logic all the way. Creativity is just another word for “hot lies”. (SMARTS)
    (+2 Smarts +1 Boldness)

    *Emotions and creativity for sure. Can logic solve the cosmic mystery of LOVE??? (CREATIVIE)
    (+2 Fun +1 Creativity)

    Calculester (Location: Any)

    *Society is rotten to the core. LET’S GET RADICAL! (BOLD)
    (+2 Charm +1 Boldness)

    *Incremental improvement. Guillotines sound fun and all; but things can get out of hand quickly (especially if you put your hand in the guillotine). (CHARM)
    (+2 Charm +1 Boldness)

    ending1 image
    1) Charm
    2) Creative
    3 Charm

    ending2 image
    1) Bold
    2) Smart
    3) Bold


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